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Terrorizing Young Children: SEIU Thug Tactics

Posted on May 21 2010 7:00 pm
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On his TV show Glenn Beck railed against the thug tactics employed by the Service Employees International Union and other left-wing activists against Greg Baer, a Bank of America executive.  (no video; transcript)

This is what happened: hundreds of angry, loud, purple-shirted SEIU members and National People’s Action activists showed up at Baer’s house in Maryland. They caused a ruckus, scared his family, freightened his neighbors, and used his home as a staging ground in their efforts to embarrass Bank of America and give so-called Wall Street reform legislation a boost.

Beck said

These protesters were bussed in — 14 buses filled with about 500 people. They poured out of the buses and swarmed right onto the property and up to the house. Greg’s older son, Jack — alone in the house — was so frightened as the mob yelled and became angrier that he called his father’s cell phone and told him he was locking himself in the bathroom.

It’s disgusting behavior but in a sense the Bank of America is merely reaping what it has sown. The bank certainly doesn’t deserve to be victimized by leftist shakedown groups but unfortunately it has been funding its own demise for years by giving money to such groups. It contributed millions of dollars to thug activist groups including ACORN for years.

Corporate America never seems to learn that paying off the left never works — the left always comes back asking for more.

These are classic Saul Alinsky tactics.

The father of leftist community organizing, who strongly believed that the ends justified the means, taught that individual people will crumble more easily than institutions. Surrounding a bank executive’s house with an angry mob is more likely to convince the bank to cave into the mob’s demands than, say, picketing the bank itself.

Not surprisingly left-wing lapdog Arthur Delaney at the Huffington Post put a happy face on the mob action, hailing it in a headline as “Class Warfare.” But the HuffPo left out the fact, discovered by blogger Liberty Chick, that SEIU happens to owe Bank of America $90 million!

Could this SEIU protest be a push by the radical union to seek some debt forgiveness from the bank, a kind of shakedown in reverse?

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