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Phew! CBC study proves CBC has no liberal bias (and conservatives are ‘paranoid’)

Posted on May 21 2010 3:00 pm
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Phew! Now I feel so much better about my extorted tax dollars being wasted on leftwing propaganda, Israel bashing and anti-Americanism! (Not to mention masturbatory “investigations.”)

Remember that media bias “study” being conducted by (and, ever so conveniently, about) the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation I told you about a while back?

Seems the results are already in, and the CBC’s conclusions are, er, fascinating:

Stephen Harper’s chief election strategist deliberately used the CBC complaints process and “paranoia-tinged” language to raise money for the Conservatives and to “overwhelm” and “intimidate” the office, the public broadcaster’s ombudsman says in a report that completely exonerates EKOS pollster Frank Graves.

Mr. Graves is one of four national pollsters who provide semi-regular surveys to the public broadcaster. He recently touched off a firestorm after he was quoted in a Globe and Mail column  suggesting Michael Ignatieff and his Liberals launch a “culture war” against the Tories.  (…)

If Mr. Graves is guilty of anything, the ombudsman says, it is being too open in explaining his data – so open, in fact, that if he were actually working for the Liberals they would probably fire him for blabbing about strategy.

Ordinary citizens might not know this, but anyone who has worked in the ‘hot house’ of Ottawa politics would know that pollsters are much in love with their data and many will expound on it to virtually anyone, unless, of course, the pollster were working for a party. They would then keep that data very close,” Mr. Carlin says.

In other words: “We can’t believe you crazy, stupid conservatives made us answer our damn phones to deal with your crazy, stupid questions and complaints. What do you think we’re running here? An impartial ombud’s office or something?! Go back to paying our salaries in obedient silence, plebians!”

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