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Arizona Governor Tells Obama: “Do Your Job”

Posted on May 21 2010 1:00 pm
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During Greta Van Susteren’s show last night “On the Record,” Arizona Governor Jan Brewer pleaded with President Obama and Homeland Security Secretary (and former Arizona governor) Janet Napolitano for help.  She asked them to step up and carry out one of the prime responsibilities of the federal government – to secure the nation’s borders.  She has sent letter after letter asking for help to no avail:

It is really frustrating. We are on the battlefield getting the impact of all this illegal immigration and all the crime that comes with it.No one — I have repeatedly sent letters to the administration and to the president of the United States with absolutely no response. I’m hopeful when I’m in Washington, D.C. in about a week I will be able to at least touch base with the secretary of Homeland Security and the president of the United States.

We need help. They need to do their job. They need to step up and secure our borders!

Instead of worrying about the security of American citizens, U.S. President Obama appeared side-by-side with Mexican President Calderon on the lawn of the White House – the American people’s house – condemning Arizona’s attempt to protect its own citizens from the unchecked flood of illegal immigrants into that state.

Calderon called the Arizona immigration law “discriminatory” and condemned what he called “criminalizing migration.”  Apparently, Calderon was experiencing amnesia about Mexico’s own immigration law, which makes illegal immigration a felony and is far more draconian than any of our federal and state laws relating to illegal immigration, including Arizona’s.

For his part, Obama said that the Arizona law was a:

misdirected expression of frustration with our immigration system that has raised concern in both countries

As president of the United States, Obama should be concerned first and foremost about the level of frustration in this country, not Mexico.  And Obama did not explain his own contribution to that frustration by his ignoring of Arizona’s repeated pleas for help at the border.  Perhaps that’s because Obama believes that borders really do not matter:

In the 21st century, we are defined not by our borders but by our bonds

Sovereign nations do not have to make a false choice between secure borders and mutually beneficial bonds with other sovereign nations.  They can have both – under their terms. Only transnationalists like President Obama would try to force that choice upon us in the name of global governance.

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