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Comment of the Day: Salem Witch Trials Vs. Islamofascism

Posted on May 19 2010 9:00 pm
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From Donna Marie on the new video of a leftist student comparing the founders to Islamofascist terrorists:

About the Salem witch trials… it was a very, very short lived period during our history. What began in 1692 was over in short order by mid-1693. It pretty much ended when religious leaders began to voice objections and attempts to clear the names of those conviced began by 1695. The founding fathers pretty much had nothing to do with this period of time. By the way, the puritan elders were all religious leaders trying to forge out a place of religious tolerance that they did not find in England. They were neither un-uniformed combatants nor were they dictators. However, if she really wanted to make a comparison between them and the palestinians or any particular muslim group…I do have an idea. We can compare what happened in Salem with what happens to a muslim girl who loses her virginity, or to a couple that commits adultery, or maybe even a gay man who is outed. The big difference is that in Salem there were actual attempts to apologize to those people convicted or accused of witchcraft. Meaning in the vernacular used by this particular student: “They realized they uh, uh screwed up.” However, when a muslim is accused of one of these various offenses and is stoned, shot or hanged-well, that is just punishment.

I could go on about our “un-uniformed” patriots shooting at British soldiers but I would become a bore…Anyway, my high schoolers will be heading to one of these institutions in a year or two, please pray for them!!!!!

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