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A New Video From Horowitz’s UC San Diego Speech… This One’s Funnier

Posted on May 19 2010 6:00 am
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OK, I think we’ve all had enough of the depressing, pro-genocide sentiments of the childish liar Jumanah Albahri. To lighten the mood a bit now NRB now presents a second question from David Horowitz’s UC San Diego speech.

Another arrogant student thinks she knows more than Horowitz and can throw an argument at him that he’s never heard before.

She begins by condemning having un-uniformed combatants in a conflict and the general practice of guerilla warfare fought amongst civilian populations. She argues that we all agree that such things are bad no matter who does them. She also pretends that she and Horowitz are on the same page. Then she unleashes an argument that she must think is tremendously original:

Student Questioner: “Isn’t that kind of what the founding fathers did when they were fighting the British? It’s kind of like the same thing.” [She then has a tremendously self-satisfied smile on her face — because she’s so brilliant.]

David Horowitz: “Except there’s one big difference.  The founding fathers weren’t Nazis. They didn’t want to exterminate. They weren’t religious fanatics who wanted to exterminate people.

Student Questioner: “The Puritans weren’t religious fanatics? The Puritans weren’t religious fanatics?”

Horowitz: “They were religious people who believed in tolerance because they were refugees from religious oppression.

Student: “You’re right they were so free of religion that they set up dictatorships and expelled people. Remember, like, the witch trials?”

Horowitz: “Save your communist speech for the Finklestein event. Enough. Enough. It’s boring. You’re boring. And by the way she could have picked up this idiocy in the standard text for peace studies… Thanks for sitting for an hour and a half to deliver that rant… Trotsky once said that Stalinism was the perfect theory for gluing up the brain. But it’s leftism.”

This is a common — and ridiculously embarrassing — meme that you find throughout the Left. Islamofacist jihadis are no different than the founding fathers. Terrorists who want to impose Sharia law on the planet are made the equivalent of those who fought for a free society. Michael Moore has expressed this sentiment, among others.

Here’s the Peace Studies textbook to which Horowitz referred:

It’s the dominant textbook in the field and I’m familiar with it from my days of trying to negotiate a peace between Horowitz and my friend George Wolfe who used the book in his class but did not agree with its terrorists=freedom fighters sentiments.

The first video we presented from this speech was hard, irrefutable evidence that serious Jew Hatred was a key component of the MSA and the Israel Apartheid weeks. This new video should be a different wake up call: where do you think this student got the idea to compare Islamists with the founders? In how many of her classrooms and textbooks was the concept put forth?

Will the day come when conservatives will step up and take the college indoctrination issue seriously?

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