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The Innocent Gaza Terrorists and the Brutal Israeli soldiers

Posted on May 18 2010 2:00 pm
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On May 15, the France Press Agency (AFP) reported from Gaza City:

Israeli army gunfire killed an elderly farmer near northern Gaza border with the Jewish state on Saturday, Palestinian emergency services and witnesses said.

Every Gaza terrorist trying to plant a bomb next to the border or kidnap an Israeli soldier is proclaimed by Hamas to be an innocent farmer minding his business, while the evil-minded Israeli Army did its best to murder him.

This sad episode reminded me of my own experience as an Israeli Army reservist.

My service in the Israeli Army started with this lesson from my new commander:

“Soldiers, remember: your enemies are not Arab men, women, and children; your enemies are Arab mehablim (terrorists). Our army doesn’t fight civilians. Our army doesn’t hurt peaceful people. Our soldiers are as humane as our country and our society.”

To me, that was the first – and, certainly, not the last – lesson in unbelievably humane nature of the Israeli military. For three years in a row, I served as a reservist – first, near Ramallah; then, in Central Israel; and, finally, as a border guard on the Allenby Bridge over the Jordan River – and three times in a row I heard slightly different variations of the same commander’s declaration.

But when at the end of 2008 the Gaza War broke out, the whole globe erupted with thousands of hysterical accusations of war crimes allegedly committed by the brutal Israeli Army against “peaceful Gaza Arabs”. Every imaginable crime, short of eating the poor Gazan children alive, has been hurled at the beast-like Israeli soldiers. At the same soldiers that have been constantly taught by their officers not to hurt civilians.

Of course, the principal accusers were the international Lefties and Islamic countries. Yes, exactly in this order of viciousness of accusations – first, the loony Lefties, and second, the crazy Islamists.

Watching in anger and horror this international bacchanalia of lies and distortions, I recalled the infamous Israeli movie, Waltz with Bashir. That film appeared in 2008 on the screens all over the world – American screens included – and in no time led a victorious march throughout all prestigious film festivals. The shear number of those festivals simply defied imagination. Twenty-seven, according to the latest available statistics! At every one of them, the movie was nominated for various awards, and on seventeen occasions – seventeen out of twenty-seven! – received one of the prizes.

If the director of that Waltz had been an Arab, I wouldn’t have been surprised. But no! – he was, alas, a leftist Israeli Jew, and his name was Ari Folman.

On the surface, the film was devoted to description of some tragic events of the so called First Lebanon War of 1982, and to the role the Israeli Army had played in those events. In reality, however, the movie was a typical example of cruel, unjust, and false accusations against Israel, in general, and the Israeli Army, in particular.

Just consider the actions of Israeli soldiers and officers throughout that movie: they either run cowardly from the enemy, or look nonchalantly at the ugly scenes of a massacre committed by Christian Arabs against their Muslim brethren, or watch hard-core pornographic videos.

Those repulsive episodes represented the key moments of the film, underlining the allegedly immoral nature of the Israeli military, along with a false, pretentious, and absolutely idiotic scene of a “waltz” performed by a fear-stricken Israeli soldier shooting aimlessly and senselessly in all directions.

So it was logical that a movie based on such a libelous script has amassed so many prizes awarded by the leftist Israel-hating cinema juries. Because in the eyes of the international Left, the Israeli Army has long ago acquired the image of a dirty, criminal, and cruel gang.  And it went, of course, without saying that liberals around the world, in general, and the super-liberal part of the Israeli media, in particular, have been in the state of absolute delight and euphoria with respect to this foul piece of slander. No surprise here. Ann Coulter, describing the mindset of the Left, remarked aptly in her book, Treason:

“Liberals have a preternatural gift for striking a position on the side of treason… Whenever the nation is under attack, from within or without, liberals side with the enemy. This is their essence.”

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