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A Different Take on Gay Marriage

Posted on May 18 2010 6:00 pm
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The websites for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report don’t have video of an episode from last night, so I’ll assume they are on vacation. The Daily Show website is hosting a montage of clips about gay marriage, which is offering me an opportunity to give my own unconventional thoughts on the issue.

The montage is actually pretty educational, as it provides an overview of the arguments for and against gay marriage and the recent history of the debate.

Watch the video below:

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To be completely honest, although I am a Christian, I am no Bible scholar. My views on whether I personally support or oppose gay marriage are undefined right now, and frankly, it isn’t a major issue for me. However, in terms of policy, I have a bit of a different point-of-view. Who ever said it is the government’s business to declare what is and is not a marriage? If marriage is a religious institution, who ever said the government has the religious authority to make such determinations?

My personal opinion is that the government should stay out of the marriage business—straight or gay. At the very least, it should be an issue decided by the states, although I’m uncomfortable with that as well. If the government is not involved, then each person has the freedom to judge the legitimacy of a relationship (gay or straight) and whether it fits the definition of a marriage.

Proponents of a gay marriage ban argue that it violates the sanctity of the institution. If you are a Christian opposed to homosexuality and gay marriage, then what makes a relationship that is not based on Biblical values any more legitimate? If there is cheating, abuse, or no commitment to God, isn’t that as equally as invalid as a gay marriage?

This brings me back to an argument I’ve often made: That Christians should not elevate homosexuality above any other sin. Click here for an article I wrote about being inspired by a bisexual Christian on MTV’s The Real World. We’re all sinners and equal in the eyes of God. To look down upon a homosexual as being any “less” of a Christian than you is to completely miss the message of the Bible that all sins are equal, all sinners are equal, and all people are in equal need of salvation.

Again, I have not decided yet what I think the Bible rules on the issue. David Swindle has two excellent articles here and here that provide some interesting thought, although he is definitely in the minority in his opinion.

My bottom line? Wherever you stand on the gay marriage debate, homosexuals shouldn’t be looked upon as sub-human or somehow guilty of anything worse than our own moral failings. And if you believe marriage is a religious institution, then the government should never have declared what is or is not a marriage to begin with.

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