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Times Square jihadist rejected moderation as contrary to Qur’an

Posted on May 17 2010 7:12 pm
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Somehow he totally Misunderstood the Religion of Peace™, even while insisting on correct obedience to the Book of Peace. How odd! Maybe Honest Ibe Hooper will clear it all up for us before we get too many more Misunderstanders of Islam like this one.

Or — instead of waiting for more steaming piles of explanations from Honest Ibe about how Islam is Peace — we could take sensible steps to defend Constitutionalism and genuine pluralism…Naaah! That would be “Islamophobic”!

“E-mails paint Times Square suspect as frustrated Muslim,” by Susan Candiotti for CNN, May 17 (thanks to all who sent this in):

New York (CNN) — Faisal Shahzad, the suspect in the failed car bombing in New York’s Times Square, was frustrated with the state of the Muslim world and sought a way to “fight back.”Two e-mails obtained by CNN help piece together a portrait of the Pakistani-born naturalized U.S. citizen. They also may shed some light on what propelled his failed terror plot.

“Everyone knows the current situation of Muslim World,” he wrote in an e-mail he sent to a large group of recipients in February 2006.

At the time, he had been in the United States for about six years, had earned his MBA and was working as a financial analyst in Connecticut.

“Everyone knows how the Muslim country bows down to pressure from the west. Everyone knows the kind of humiliation we are faced with around the globe.”

The e-mail continues: “It is with no doubt that we today Muslim, followers of Islam are attacked and occupied by foreign infidel forces. The crusade has already started against Islam and Muslims with cartoons of our beloved Prophet PBUH (peace be upon him) as War drums.”

Shahzad was referring to the 2005 controversy in which a Danish newspaper published satirical cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed that many Muslims found offensive.

“Can you tell me a way to save the oppressed,” Shahzad asked. “And a way to fight back when rockets are fired at us and Muslim blood flows? In Palestine, Afghan, Iraq, Chechnya and elsewhere.”

The second e-mail was sent in April 2009 to a smaller group of recipients. By then, Shahzad was an American citizen. In that e-mail, Shahzad ridicules an article written by a Muslim who took a more moderate view than him.

“If you don’t have the right teacher, then Satan should become your sheikh,” according to a translated portion of the e-mail.

“I bet when it comes to defending the lands, his opinion would be we should do dialogue, etc., which is not the proven way from history and has not worked in current time and will not work in the future because it simply wasn’t the way of the Quran,” he added….

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