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The Shrine of Multiculturalism: Now Sacrificing Lives in the Name of Appeasement, Part 2

Posted on May 17 2010 6:00 am
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Phyllis Chesler recently published an article entitled Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings. When the American Academy of Pediatrics released their “nicking” opinion, I said that it was the same as saying “well, don’t actually behead your wife in an honor killing. Just slit her throat a little.” Turns out, that actually is how the left thinks, as Chesler explains:

Former National Organization for Women (NOW) president Kim Gandy compared the battered and beheaded Aasiya Hassan[9] to the battered (but still living) pop star Rihanna and further questioned whether Hassan’s murder was an honor killing:

Is a Muslim man in Buffalo more likely to kill his wife than a Catholic man in Buffalo? A Jewish man in Buffalo? I don’t know the answer to that, but I know that there is plenty of violence to go around—and that the long and sordid history of oppressing women in the name of religion surely includes Islam, but is not limited to Islam.[10]

At the time of the Hassan beheading, a coalition of domestic violence workers sent an (unpublished) letter to the Erie County district attorney’s office and to some media stating that this was not an honor killing, that honor killings had nothing to do with Islam, and that sensationalizing Muslim domestic violence was not only racist but also served to render invisible the much larger incidence of both domestic violence and domestic femicide.

Misogyny apologizing again, under the guise of tolerance. Only now, that apologist position may end up being complicit in murders. Don’t ask! And don’t tell!

The Left’s default position is that other cultures, no matter how barbaric, must be revered and honored. But American traditions, must be eradicated and are the true root of all evil. Anyone who doesn’t do the same, must be a redneck-y rube. And a racist, of course.

My hometown in New Jersey, for instance, no longer has an Easter Egg Hunt. It is now called Spring Celebration with Bunny.  A town that is lily white and primarily Christian and Jewish. In all my 39 years, I’ve yet to come across a person of the Jewish faith who was offended by easter bunnies or Christmas for that matter. And, even if offended, they’d never threaten to set off a bomb in the town or commit acts of violent intimidation as seen in this video after the assault on Lars Vilks. But, I suppose my “rich life experiences” don’t count, since I’m plain old Caucasian and all.

Finally, most recently our own Attorney General, Eric Holder, could not even bring himself to utter the word Islam when being questioned about the Faisal Shahzad investigation.

See, it’s not about truth or even common sense. It’s about furthering an agenda, always. That agenda relies on identity politics and is more important to them than actual human beings.

Apologizing for evil, violent acts is not embracing diversity. It’s embracing insanity. It’s not just condoning barbarism; it is complicit in it’s perpetuation.

So, I am asking. And I am telling. Because, as George Washington said, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”


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