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NRB’s Complete Coverage of the Campus Campaign for a Second Holocaust

Posted on May 17 2010 3:00 pm
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May 11: “For It”: MSA Student Confesses She Wants a Second Holocaust

This post features the original video and transcript of Jumanah Imad Albahri. It’s one of the most-viewed posts in NRB’s history.

May 13: Willful Blindness: Naive Catholic Graduate Student Defends Nazi Girl

This post highlights a comment made by one of Albahri’s teachers — a graduate student at UCSD — defending her.

May 14: Albahri Just Iceberg’s Tip, Campus Campaign for a Second Holocaust is National

This post puts the video in the larger context of the nationwide phenomenon of “Israel apartheid” weeks.

May 14: FrontPage Magazine: Theology for a Holocaust

This important article from Robert Spencer puts Albahri’s Jew hatred in the context of Islamic teachings.

May 15: Audio of David Horowitz on Sean Hannity’s Radio Show Yesterday

May 15: David Horowitz Confronts Mark LeVine, Genocide Apologist, on Hannity

May 15: Muslim Students Association issues deceptive non-condemnation of UCSD student’s endorsement of genocide of Jews

In this post Spencer fisks the MSA’s pathetic press release about the incident.

May 16: Muslim student who admitted support for Jewish genocide now says, “Death to Israel” UPDATED

In this cross-post from JihadWatch Spencer highlights a statement from someone claiming to be Albahri saying “Death to Israel.” This draws Albahri to NRB where she claims not to have made the remarks and then directs readers to a new blog she set up in which she claims not to have heard David Horowitz’s question properly when she answered “For it.”

May 16: Jumanah Imad Albahri Speaks. And I’m Not Buying It.

Albahri is confronted on her ludicrous denial by NRB’s managing editor.

May 17: A Twitter Trap I’m Not Falling For From a Jew-Hating Liar with No Remorse

Albahri’s deceptive methods of discourse are revealed here — commenting with multiple aliases at NRB and creating a bizarre twitter account.

The original video:

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