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From the Writings of David Horowitz: May 17, 2010

Posted on May 17 2010 6:45 am
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As the institutional manifestation of George Soros, the Shadow Party operates in two distinct spheres, the financial and the political. The financial nerve center of Soros’s empire is an investment firm called Soros Fund Management LLC, located at 888 Seventh Avenue in Manhattan. Political intrigues are facilitated mainly through the Open Society Institute (OSI), whose main office is housed at 400 West 59th Street. OSI is the flagship of the Soros Foundation Network, whose Open Society Foundations operate in more than 50 countries.

A glance at the top-ranking officers of Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI) sheds light on the type of expertise Soros values most highly. Working from OSI’s Washington office is Morton H. Halperin, who holds the title of Director of U.S. Advocacy. As a Defense Department official in the 1960s, Halperin personally supervised the writing of a top-secret analysis of U.S. involvement in Vietnam, which later became known as the Pentagon Papers, whose illegal release did more to undermine the American war effort in Vietnam than any other domestic event.

Halperin’s bias informs every page of the report, which argues that the war was “unwinnable” from the beginning. One of the writers on Halperin’s team, Daniel Ellsberg, leaked this classified document to the press, a violation of the US Espionage Act. Halperin also had a disturbing tendency to abuse his access to top-secret information for the purpose of anti-war politicking. At one point, President Nixon and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger strongly suspected that Halperin was leaking military secrets to the press, in particular information involving top-secret U.S. military operations in Cambodia. They ordered an FBI tap on his phone. The tap revealed that Halperin stayed in close touch with Daniel Ellsberg long after their professional relationship had ended. On one occasion, FBI agents overheard Halperin, still a consultant to the Nixon White House, discussing political strategies with some unidentified person for undermining the war. “The only effective way to oppose the present policy is to elect a Congress which will stop the war by cutting off funds,” Halperin suggested on the tape.58 In fact, this is exactly the strategy Democrats later used to render South Vietnam defenseless in 1975, thus ensuring Communist victory and precipitating the slaughter of innocents in Cambodia and Vietnam.

The Shadow Party

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