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Comedy Central Continues Forward as “Cowardly Central”

Posted on May 17 2010 4:00 pm
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Last month Comedy Central made headlines by censoring an episode of South Park out of fear for violence from radical Islamists. What was once known as a network that was unafraid of offending anyone has now became a network of cowards. As expected, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone stood their ground against the network’s censorship decision. Shortly after Comedy Central became known as “Cowardly Central” by many who wanted to see them stand against terrorist threats.

It is clear that the network continues to earn the new nickname by looking at an anti-Semitic game available on their website. The name of this game is – no kidding – I.S.R.A.E.L. Attack! The acronym stands for Intelligent Smart Robot Animation Eraser Lady but is pronounced exactly as it reads. The game’s introduction begins with a man asserting, “You lied to me Jew producer!” We are told the objective is to destroy everything including children-like figures and all of the Drawn Together characters. The game is based on the show Drawn Together and has absolutely nothing to do with Israel which only allows us to speculate as to why they chose this name. Anyone willing to guess?

It is one thing when Eric Cartman makes fun of Kyle for being Jewish on South Park because no characters on the show respect him, meaning he is not the voice of reason. Additionally, there is always a lesson at the end of the show that almost never gives Cartman the final word (if it does, he is the butt of a joke). On the other hand, there is no clarification of the anti-Jewish comments in the questionable Drawn Together game, which leads me to believe that the anti-Semitic comment was acceptable in the network’s mind.

A major problem with a questionable game like this is that some people could draw the conclusion that the game is basically asserting that Israelis are child killers. This is exactly what Israeli bloggers at fear as well. They discuss problems with the game as well as the the dangers of living in Israel surrounded by hatred, in the video below:

This could have been a tasteless yet harmless game if the killer wasn’t called Israel and the objective wasn’t to appease an angry anti-Semite. Since it is, we can assume the not so subliminal anti-Semitism here was on purpose. As such, it goes without saying that the network should be ashamed of itself. Comedy Central has long been courageous, recently became cowardly and has now devolved into sheer stupidity. If they keep devolving at this rapid pace they will be forced to air reruns of Strangers With Candy forever.

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