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Democrats or Republicans – Who has the Better Plan for the Midterms?

Posted on May 16 2010 9:00 pm
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Is the GOP still trying to shed the label of “Party of No”? Perhaps the better question is: “should they”?

The Democrats and the Republicans each have a plan for the future of your country, and you have the momentous responsibility this fall to determine the direction this country will take at a time of ideological divisiveness and political peril perhaps not seen in at least a generation.

The Democrats. I offer you two sources to ascertain the plans Democrats have formulated for the 2010 Congressional elections. First, there is the Manager’s Memorandum from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Let me summarize this odd document for you. The plan is to paint all Republicans as birthers and extremists, and to blame them for the present economic conditions even a year and a half after the inauguration of Barack Obama, and more than a year after the Democrats’ failed $787 billion stimulus package.

Second, there is Obama’s former campaign manager David Plouffe’s prescription for Democratic midterm success, which he laid out in the Washington Post.  There are similarities here. Plouffe too wants to continue to blame the past Administration, but he encourages touting the vast benefits of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (read failed $787 billion stimulus), but he added the necessity to pass the health care plan and the need to live up to ethical standards that Democrats demanded of Republicans.

We’ll give him credit for pushing the Dems to get the health care deal done, and we laud his intentions as far as “draining the swamp” in D.C., however, both of these alleged positives are likely to redound to the detriment of Democrats in November. The health care bill is still unpopular, and when last checked, the swamp is still teeming with every slimy life-form that Washington has ever spawned.

Obama struck the Plouffe-inspired midterm chord this past Thursday:

The Republicans. After video with the same content as that above aired on “Meet the Press” this week, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, appearing as a guest on the weekly show, articulated the crux of the GOP campaign strategy in this way:

Sounds like he wants to run against George Bush one more time, doesn’t it?  I mean, look, the administration’s–the, the American people have taken a look at what this administration’s done.  They’re running banks, insurance companies, and car companies.  They nationalized the student loan business, which will kill 31,000 private sector jobs.  They’ve taken over health care.  They’re in amount–they’re about to do to financial services what they did to health care.  Their appointees over at the FCC are trying to take over the Internet.  They’ve doubled the national debt in the last–will double the national debt in the next five years, triple it in 10.  The American people are appalled by this.

So the GOP strategy is indeed to be the Party of No for now with an eye towards better policies in the future. Saying no to the nationalization of car companies, health care, student loans and financial institutions isn’t a bad place to start a campaign. It is indeed saying no, but no is what needs to be said when the bills proposed are ill-conceived, unread, and detrimental to the nature of this great nation.

In the future I’m sure that I’m going to want a more detailed plan from those whom I elect to Congress, but for now, we are speeding towards a dangerous precipice and I just want someone who knows we need to slam on the brakes, not hit the accelerator.

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