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Green Tech Still Hopeless for “The New Poor”

Posted on May 15 2010 8:00 am
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Only the New York Times can publish an article on jobs that aren’t coming back, call it “creative destruction” and say that it “benefit[s] the economy.”

You think I’m joking.

From Catherine Rampbell’s piece “In a Job Market Shift, Some Workers Are Left Behind” in the New York Time’s “The New Poor” series:

This “creative destruction” in the job market can benefit the economy.

In typical Lefty fashion, Rampbell uses the story of Ms. Norton — laid off for 2 years from an insurance company and fresh from an 8-month course she later learned was a “Volunteer For a Year First, Get Hired Later” Obama Scheme —  to squarely place blame on Big Bad Business, claiming Obama’s economy gave:

an opportunity for employers to do what they would have done anyway: dismiss millions of people — like file clerks, ticket agents and autoworkers — who were displaced by technological advances and international trade.

The phasing out of these positions might have been accomplished through less painful means like attrition, buyouts or more incremental layoffs.

She means to say America’s workforce has been put on a sort of Economic Food Diet and we should thank President Obama.

Didn’t Ms. Rampbell follow her own paper’s interactive Obama Democratic Nominee Acceptance Speech and understand Obama’s promise to prevent companies from offshoring jobs and incentivize them to”create good jobs right here in America”?

Apparently not. Rampbell sites John Schmitt at the Center for Economic and Policy Research who agrees with her:

Employers see them as an opportunity to clean house and then get ready for the next big move in the labor market.

That “big move” is Green Tech. A “structural growth” we should “enjoy.” Continues Rampbell:

Of course, just as there is a structural decline in some industries, others enjoy structural growth (the “creative” part of “creative destruction”). The key is to prepare the group of workers left behind for the growing industry.


The White House has publicly challenged the idea that structural unemployment is a big problem, with Christina D. Romer, the Council of Economic Advisers chairwoman, instead emphasizing that stronger economic growth is what’s needed. Still, the administration has allocated dollars for retraining in both the 2009 stimulus package and other legislation, largely for clean technology jobs.

Clean technology jobs. The Obama Administration slated a full 10th of Stimulus I for the energy and environmental sectors. It’s one year later and the 1.7 million Economically Displaced Persons still haven’t found the “high-wage, high-tech jobs of tomorrow” Obama promised?

When will the New York Times begin to admit that stealing taxpayer cash and making Big Green a federal mandate doesn’t bring economies back to life?

The only “market” Ms. Norton knows right now is the one she describes when finding a buyer for her own blood. Blood banks aren’t taking her blood type, and for Ms. Norton, surviving in this economy means seriously considering jail to get her 3 squares. Maybe then she’ll get a deferral on her school loan.

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