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Brad Thor and National Security Revisited

Recently I wrote a post on Brad Thor’s erroneous accusations and/or his leaking of classified information. Those defending him have pointed to Oliver North’s statements on Fox News.

However, in reading North’s statements he talks about “rumors.” I think that those who support Brad Thor should look at his articles and then mine. I am not the one who uses hyperbolic, gross exaggerations, and unfair comments knowing those who are attacked cannot defend themselves because of classified information.

Those Thor supporters must think its okay to either spread false, unverified information or to release classified information. All Thor does is speak in generalities with no factual basis. Look at what happened after Senator Hatch erroneously leaked information. If Omar’s capture were true maybe it was kept silent because actionable intelligence was being gained. For example, suppose the CIA was able to listen in on cell phone conversations and obtain information from computers, leading to the discovery of terrorist plots. By going public, Mr. Thor would be responsible for the ceasing of that information. I am horrified that someone could leak possible classified information or makes unsubstantiated accusations. If calling that out is considered a personal attack, I am guilty as charged.

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