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Willful Blindness: Naive Catholic Graduate Student Defends Nazi Girl

Posted on May 13 2010 6:00 am
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Tuesday we received the following comment from Anita Casavantes Bradford, a graduate student at UC San Diego, in response to Jumanah Imad Albahri’s admission that she supported the extermination of the Jewish people:

This girl is actually my student; I know her to be an intelligent, moral young woman who believes in peace. I do not support any organization that advocates violence against any specific group, nor do I believe that my student would do so. As a peace loving, Catholic teacher, I’m saddened that this speaker–her elder–manipulated the conversation in this fashion to make her look like someone she isn’t, out of an egotistical desire to prove his own point, rather than engaging in a constructive dialogue. A perfect example of why the peace process is limping foward so painfully.

Stunning. Or not.

Those not familiar with the Left might be appalled that any “intelligent, moral” person could watch the now-notorious clip of Nazi Girl and blame David Horowitz for somehow manipulating her into articulating a pro-genocide position. Read a book like my colleague Jamie Glazov’s United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror and you’ll see that Casavantes’ support of a totalitarian enemy of freedom is entirely predictable. The Left has a long habit of looking the other way at the world’s most brutal oppressors and even openly allying with them.  First it was Stalin, then Che and Castro, then Mao, and now today Palestinian “freedom fighters” and other Islamofascists.

All Casavantes is doing is taking this concept down to the collegiate level. She’s so intoxicated with the dream of social justice that she cannot see evil staring her in the face.

(And P.S. Casavantes might want to read up on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a bit. It’s not been Israel that’s turned down the opportunity for peace time and time again. That the peace process is “limping forward” probably has more to do with the fact that anti-Semitism is built right into Islam. As soon as Palestinians care more about having a Muslim state than destroying the Jewish state then there will be peace. Don’t expect that anytime soon, though. After all, Islamists love death more than we love life.)

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