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Chris Matthews: ‘I’m not gonna be ignored, Rush!’

Posted on May 12 2010 8:00 pm
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Rush Limbaugh keeps me busy. I write a weekly recap column that features audio highlights from the top conservative talk radio shows, plus news about the hosts. I sometimes struggle to find juicy morsels about them — all except Limbaugh. He’s the only one whose section I’m forced to cut every week, there’s so much stuff out there.

What’s fascinating is how obsessed other people are with Limbaugh. Armchair shrinks are invited to speculate as to why.

Today alone, I added three new stories to my “Limbaugh” file. First, here’s Chris Matthews at his MSNBC blog:

Hardball goes out on a Limb-augh

If you’re a Republican, and you think Rush Limbaugh is wrong… here’s our challenge: Come on the show and tell us when Rush is distorting the truth.

To us, it looks like Rush is the leader of the Republican Party.

We want to hear from you.

It’s bad enough that MSNBC is forced to post corny blegs like that, to try to land fresh guests. But at 18 months and counting, the “Rush is the titular head of the Republican Party” meme is way past its “best before” date. No wonder the cable network’s ratings are plummeting.

Meanwhile, even the White House “can’t quit” Rush:

Though he knew last year that author [of a forthcoming biography of Limbaugh] Zev Chafets had proposed a “golf summit” between himself and Barack Obama, Rush Limbaugh had no idea there’d been a response from the president until reading about it in today’s New York Post.


(Rush didn’t know there’s a new comic book about him, either, until a caller let him know this afternoon.)

Fatal attractions. They’re so… embarrassing. I keep expecting Chris Matthews to turn up in Limbaugh’s Palm Beach kitchen, boiling a rabbit or something.

Some lefty bloggers make fun of my “job”: listening to talk radio all day, then writing about it. But at least I enjoy it (and the paycheck.) What Chris Matthews — not to mention the President of the United States — gets out of doing more or less the same thing is beyond me.

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