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Obama’s Human Rights and Non-Nuclear Utopia

Posted on May 11 2010 8:00 am
Veronica and Hugo blog individually at David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog and have their own websites, but find their greatest joy in collaborative research and writing when they're not busy raising their all-American crew of 5. They're concerned about the infringements of our nation’s sovereignty and individual rights via international law and are most interested in exposing transnational progressive activism directed at undermining the Constitution with impunity. We should all employ Stronger Reason as Citizen Scholars to defeat the Left.
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Changing America: human rights outweighing sovereignty and national defense

Lest Senate Democrats choose to insert the language of S. 1346 into another bill, sitting en queue is The Bill Dick Cheney and the Sundry Bad Guys Who Prosecuted The Engagement Formerly Known as WOT TM should be worried about.

So should anyone else who defends America on foreign soil. So should our allies.

Introduced by Democratic Senators Durbin, Cardin, Feingold, Feinstein, and Leahy in June ’09 and considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee May 6th, the Crimes Against Humanity Act would more than just “[open] the door to demands of reciprocity from other nations that seek to prosecute US military personnel and government officials for alleged criminal acts committed anywhere in the world” by establishing “universal jurisdiction,” as Heritage argues.

This piece of legislation would also:

  1. domesticate all crimes against humanity as defined by the UN — including  terrorism on American soil —  making these crimes punishable by federal prosecutors and judges
  2. afford reciprocity in other countries, subjecting our military and elected officials to — not just The Hague — but to the “Crimes Against Humanity” laws of other countries
  3. tie the hands of our elected officials and military, as every plan of action to defend our country must comply “with all of the foreign nation’s applicable laws
  4. limit any foreseeable way for America to ever utilize its nuclear arsenal in retaliation to strikes against our homeland
  5. exacerbate instability in the Middle East by signaling the non-existant threat of US retaliation in defending allies (such as Great Britain or Israel)

Not only would we not retaliate, we could not. Our nuclear posture would be eliminated by institutionalizing international law.

This would be the domino effect for nuclear disarmament, absent a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, through the pretense of protecting human rights.

Under Obama, the nuclear option is off the table for America, as would be expected for our allies. Under this scenario, a swift end to World War II would not have been possible, without subsequent prosecution for war crimes. We would have been standing right next to Hitler’s men at The Hague.

And just as we’ve moved KSM to federal court, mirandized Abdulmutallab, and unnecessarily publicized the federal complaint against Faisal Shahzad — calculated moves to show compliance with international norms — the most Americans could expect if rogue nations like Iran or North Korea were to strike America might be prosecution in absentia.

S. 1346 establishes “universal jurisdiction” in America without Senate treaty ratification of ICC, effectively completing a parallel track, achieving the UN’s goal of international jurisdiction to prosecute crimes against humanity.

This is worse than Obama’s Treaty for Utopia, and his supposed naivete’ is fast disappearing.

Obama would guarantee every terrorist the constitutional rights afforded citizens of the United States, completely neutralize our defensive arsenal by preventing America from utilizing every available resource, and would subject all US citizens to potential prosecution in other countries through reciprocity.

The highest court of appeal would no longer be the Supreme Court.

The ICC would be the supreme law of the land.

And in setting this precedence, our allies will soon be pressured by the international community to follow suit in implementing similar “Crimes Against Humanity” laws, limiting their own ability to defend themselves using any and all means necessary.


Veronica and Hugo enjoy researching, reflecting and informing the public through their writing about the infringements of our nation’s sovereignty and individual rights via international law.  They’re keen on watching the UN and transnational progressive activism and their attempts to undermine the Constitution with impunity.

They live in Austin, TX, where they’re raising their crew of 5 all-American kids (same marriage).

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