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Smarmy Sanchez: Glenn Beck Pulls No Punches Against Sanchez.

Posted on May 10 2010 9:00 am
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Glenn Beck has been attacked relentlessly in his career in media.  Many have mocked him for being a clown or worse.  Countless talking heads have called for the man to be off the air.  This past week, however, Beck made it clear who he thinks should be pulled off the TV screens of Americans – CNN’s Rick Sanchez.

We at NewsReal have been exposing Sanchez for being a sham journalist for a while now.  However, we’ve never been as blunt as Beck was on his radio show a few days ago.

“Rick Sanchez from CNN, the biggest dope ever on television.” – Beck

Beck plays the audio of multiple flubs Sanchez has done on CNN in the past few weeks.  The first one they mention just happened this week.  Sanchez got all confused about when Wolf Blitzer’s show is on and then read his teleprompter when he was supposed to be ad libbing.

You can watch the video for yourself of what some have called “a Ron Burgundy moment.”

“Good job on Situation Room today, as I’m sure you will do.  Up next, ad lib a tease.  That’s what it says right here.   Now I’m supposed to ad lib something that is, that I should know about right?” – Sanchez

There are so many things wrong with that brief moment of CNN “excellence.” First off, Sanchez and Blitzer reportedly haven’t gotten along all that well since some of Blitzer’s television time was given to Sanchez for his show.  So it doesn’t come off well for Sanchez to be congratulating Blitzer for having a good show that he hasn’t done yet.  But that is nothing compared to Sanchez’s teleprompter reading skills that come off like a bad SNL skit.

“This dope looks at the teleprompter and says, “ad lib tease”…now remember people on FOX are the dumbest people ever to be in a studio ever.  Ad lib.  Tease break.  Let’s talk volcanoes now.” – Beck

Beck then plays a clip of when Sanchez talked about the Iceland volcano back in mid-April.

“How can you get a volcano in Iceland?  Isn’t it too…When you think of a volcano you think of like Hawaii or long words like that.  You don’t think of Iceland.  You think it’s too cold to have a volcano there.” – Sanchez.

Sanchez goes on to ask the specialist what the white stuff is in the video because it looks like clouds.  Well Rick, it is clouds.  Beck points out for Sanchez the complex math figures that the “long word” Hawaii has six letters while the word Iceland has seven letters.

“Don’t you feel bad?  It’s like picking on the handicap…How did this guy ever get into television?” – Beck

I still don’t know the answer to that question Glenn.

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