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The ACLU Needs to Change its First Initial

Posted on May 9 2010 5:00 pm
David Forsmark is the owner and president of Winning Strategies, a full service political consulting firm in Michigan. David has been a regular columnist for Frontpage Magazine since 2006. For 20 years before that, he wrote book, movie and concert reviews as a stringer for the Flint Journal, a midsize daily newspaper.
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The “American” Civil Liberties Union has forfeited any right to that moniker, and the proof has never been clearer than this week.

The ACLU has defended students’ “rights” to do, say, and WEAR, just about anything while on a high school campus.  But this week, they have nothing to say about the Morgan Hill Live Oak Five who were suspended for wearing American flags because they were “incendiary.”Meanwhile, at, their top 4 issues are:

  1. defending illegals against the new Arizona Law,
  2. helping Gitmo terrorists get their word out with press contacts,
  3. stopping a bill that would strip naturalized terrorists of their citizenship,
  4. and halting Predator strikes against al Qaeda targets.

What makes this even more interesting, is that the ACLU has sued the Morgan Oaks Unified School District in the past—ironically, for not acting quickly enough to stop bullying and taunting, while in the case of the Live Oak Five, the assistant principle took the side of the bullies. But, since the bullies in this case were acting out on hatred of America, that’s okay with the ACLU.  This may even turn out to be bullying that’s protected by the First Amendment if the ACLU swings into action!

Of course, if they didn’t drop the “American” after  the despicable and mind-bogglingly misnamed “John Adams Project” of the ACLU– in which they did their best to identify American intelligence agents for targeting by terrorists– then it probably won’t happen now.

And the “American” part of the organization’s title is not the only misnomer here.  The “civil liberties” part of the name is also a joke.

If they want to save money and not have to change their web address, Anti-American Criminal Liberties Union might do the trick…

Any suggestions out there?

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