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Tony Stark Meets Obama’s America

Posted on May 8 2010 8:00 am
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Where's Rhodie?

Scarlett Johansson’s been vindicated. And, as the New York Times notes:

[She looks good] in tight skirts and tighter body suits. So you might say that the movie has something for everyone, which is fine but also, in the end, not quite enough. You’re left wanting more, but not quite the “more” “Iron Man 2” works so hard to supply.

Other reviews say the same thing.

But your humble reviewer has a different perspective from having seen it last night at midnight.

A few of my many thoughts:

Aside from Terrance Howard’s noted “Stark” absence which compromised the movie, gone was the lavishness of Stark’s lifestyle and the excesses of Corporatism, which had less to do with problems Tony Stark was experiencing and more to do with the producer’s effort to give an accurate, current depiction of “life.”

Stark’s awesome garage was austere, conspicuously missing its car collection. his dull, off-the-rack wool suits matched Pepper’s dowdy, matronly greys, sans Louboutins.   Stark’s cheap-looking sunglasses, his same old Rolls-Royce and Audi,  his own home decimated throughout most of the movie  to re-enact the “box of scraps” cave scene — these were all pointed representations to shy away from the excesses of the Iron Man shot in 2007.

The “war” in an Eden-like Peace sanctuary, the lack of chic and wealth in Tony Stark’s world was all-too obvious. We wanted something different than the politicized world and rotten economy we’re living in.

Marvel has forgotten that audiences who want to see superheroes are already suspending their disbelief. We want to fully experience our escapism, not have it married to “real life.”

Iron Man 2 was really”Stark Meets Obama’s America” and that’s quite a shame indeed.

Marvel just didn’t get it.

They could have at least lowered the price of admission.

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