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The Press – Showing Up Before Barney Fife

Posted on May 8 2010 4:00 pm
The hasty half of the Estrada-Estrada writing team, sits on a park bench at NewsReal, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the working hubby to execute their plot for the destruction of progressive-leftist ideology.
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“horrified” law enforcement
a compromised crime scene?There comes a time when the press needs to draw the same line of respect as ordinary citizens and stay the hell out of the way during an investigation – especially one of national security significance.

NPR reports,via the Corner at NRO, that the realtime cat-and-mouse game between Shahzad, the Press and law enforcement was like watching an episode of 24 in real time.”

Says NPR: “The only problem was that Shahzad was able to watch it, too.”:

[T]here were leaks in this case from the beginning — partly because of the dynamic between two powerful law enforcement forces in New York City….

Details about the Times Square investigation were all over the local newspapers, even as authorities were still trying to puzzle out who was responsible. Any element of surprise that law enforcement might have had was evaporating. To be fair, law enforcement was partly to blame. In many cases, it was the source of the information and leaks. But there seemed to be an extra level of frustration about the leaks in this case. As one law enforcement official told NPR,

Our operational plans were being driven by the media, instead of the other way around. And that’s not good.”

He said they watched in horror as news organizations started talking about the fact that the vehicle identification number on the Nissan Pathfinder used in the botched bombing had been taken off the windshield. Then another report said that wouldn’t matter, as authorities could find the VIN on other parts of the car. A short time later, the fact that they had found the number was reported. The coverage was providing a lot of clues about the direction the case was going.

Then it got worse: Reporters started showing up at Shahzad’s house in Shelton, waiting for the arrest to happen. Shahzad was actually up the road at a ramshackle apartment he had rented in Bridgeport. That’s where officers were watching him — but apparently that also was leaked. A TV reporter showed up there and waited.

In other words, the press purposefully compromised issues of national security and public safety by one-upping law enforcement —

By doing plenty of this:

The Mob The Mob / Jessica Hill AP

To get some of this:


Before law officials could do this:

a compromised alley way a now-compromised alley way

The same way they like to get some of this:

Ooo. Old guy: “Mmmmama.”

Or even this:

Seconds Before

This brand of disgraceful press leakage is as bad, if not worse than the needless double-blurting and defecation by some members of the press, and the propagation of misleading information and politicized nonsense of others.

These types of clowns pollute the media to promote themselves, rather than the useful facts and circumstances of the issues that can help the public become better informed.

Does law enforcement have to issue a press release for them to get it?


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