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Left Creates New Class of Victims, Illegal Aliens, While Real Victims Are Smeared as Racists

Posted on May 8 2010 2:00 pm
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People often say there is nothing worse than losing a child. Yes there is. Losing a child is only the beginning of the grief. How that child died is the other half. That knowledge will either bring a modicum of comfort, or intensify the pain.

While the Left uses their usual tactics to muster feelings of public outrage, pity, and defiance for their new class of victims—illegal immigrants in Arizona—the Shaw family is still mourning the death of their son, a real victim of illegal immigration.

Jamiel Shaw II was murdered two doors down from his home, just minutes after talking to his father. He was shot by an illegal alien who was a known gang member.

His mother, Army Sgt. Anita Shaw was looking forward to coming home from Iraq, that is, until the she got the news she would be going home to bury her son, along with his dreams.

Jamiel was a promising young football player. The very day he was murdered, he spent the morning in an invitation-only football training camp, designed for star players to prepare for college, and become NFL hopefuls.

The man accused of killing Jamiel had been released from jail just the day before on gun charges, he had been in and out of the system, and was on probation. He was here illegally.

Jamiel Shaw Sr. told NewsReal:

If the Arizona law would have been in effect in California, my son would be alive today.

The Shaw family and their supporters are trying to pass Jamiel’s Law. This law would take away “sanctuary city” status for gang members. Los Angeles currently grants “sanctuary” for illegal aliens by way of city policies that prohibit the LAPD from investigating violations of federal immigration laws.

The proposed law reads in part:

WHEREAS, the City of Los Angeles is unsafe for law-abiding citizens, legal aliens and illegal aliens due to the prevalence of gangs that routinely commit crimes including but not limited to murder, extortion, robbery, rape, theft, drug-trafficking, and vandalism;

WHEREAS, many, if not most, of the members of the gangs in Los Angeles are illegal aliens; and

WHEREAS, there is no legitimate public policy reason for the City to extend “sanctuary city” protection to illegal aliens in the gangs that are ravaging our city…

. . . .

No Sanctuary For Gang Members.  The policy of this City from this point forward is, and shall be, to deny any “sanctuary city” protection to illegal aliens in gangs.  Neither the Mayor, the Chief of the Police nor any other City employee shall prohibit or inhibit Los Angeles Police Department officers from lawfully investigating possible violations of federal immigration laws by gang members.

For this the Shaw family is fielding the typical tactics of the Left. They have been accused of racism, and endured death threats over the Internet. These grieving parents have been told that they should feel sorry for those that are here illegally; after all, they suffer separation.

To which Jamiel Shaw Sr. says:

We’ve been separated—we would love to cross a border to see my son.

Immigration equality” organizations would have us believe that anyone living within our borders deserves the right to work and to organize, regardless of immigration status.

Mr. Shaw raised his son to obey the laws of the land, to work hard in school.

Everything that they say they’re fighting for—my son was stripped of.

Jamiel Shaw Sr. said he was trying to turn his grief into energy and right this wrong. To learn more about Jamiel’s Law, click here.

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