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The Third World Will One Day Send Evangelists Here

Posted on May 7 2010 9:00 pm
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Covering the National Day of Prayer, Stephen Colbert last night pulled up statistics about how many blacks, Hispanics, and whites pray before bed. The poll found that 71% of blacks, 45% of Hispanics, and 32% of whites pray before going to sleep.

Colbert then remarked that whites were being “out-prayed” and that if this didn’t change, Black Jesus and Hispanic Jesus will gang up on the White Jesus.

I know what you’re thinking, “that’s crazy!” Well, yeah, it is. What’s even crazier, though, is that he is in a weird way kind of right.

Watch the segment below:

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These statistics are politically and religiously significant. Politically, it shows that a key way the political parties can win support among minorities is through networking with churches and connecting with their values. This explains why Governor Huckabee won a very high percentage of the black vote for a Republican candidate.

Religiously, the significance is more world-changing. It is commonly said that Christianity is quickly falling in Europe and the U.S., although I think what is actually happening is that evangelicals are quickly increasing while “Sunday Christians” who have always taken their faith less seriously are falling into agnosticism and atheism.

In April 2008, Andrew Walden wrote a great analysis about Muslims converting to Christianity, especially in Africa. He quotes an Islamic scholar in Libya as saying that every day, 16,000 Muslims convert, and evangelist Wolfgang Simpson claims that more Muslims have converted in the last two decades than in all of history. From what I can tell, Christianity is exploding in Iran, although it seems to me that atheism is as well.

It’s also been frequently said that in the next 50 years, China will become the country with the largest amount of Christians. The rapid expansion of Christianity, in particular the evangelical segment, in the Third World may change the world. Don’t be surprised if your grandchildren go to church to listen to a minister sent from the Third World to the United States.

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