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Rush Limbaugh Reads NRB Post On Air

Posted on May 7 2010 10:00 am
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Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh read yesterday’s post “The Worst Disaster Since the Civil War But Not as News Worthy as an Oil Spill” on air today.

If having Rush quote you isn’t honor enough, he actually took the time to read the entire post. To top it off, he expanded on the subject, and in his usual style, said out loud what most of us were thinking.

That’s exactly right. She’s exactly right. It’s what Obama’s doing with the oil spill. Whatever catastrophe there is, “We need a bigger government! I need more power,” Obama says. “If I had more power and bigger government, this would not have happened.”

“But in Tennessee — which, by the way, is not insignificant. Tennessee is “flyover country.” People on the coasts and people in government could not care less. It’s flyover country.”

“They’re not saying, “Where’s FEMA?” They’re not on the rooftops demanding helicopters show up and pick them up. They’re not anywhere demanding their goodies. They’re not saying, “Where is my check?” They’re not saying, “Where’s my bus ticket to Houston?” They’re just working together to figure it out.”

Thanks for mentioning us Rush.

And thanks to NRB reader Aldinsgirl for sending the post to Limbaugh.

Thanks for mentioning us Mr.Limbaugh.

And thanks to NRB reader Aldinsgirl for sending him the post.

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