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TNT Continues to Politicize NBA Playoffs

Posted on May 6 2010 8:00 am
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The nightmare continued Wednesday night for NBA fans only looking for some playoff action, and instead were welcomed by a political lecture. The coverage of the Phoenix Suns (turned “Los Suns” in protest of Arizona immigration laws) versus the San Antonio Spurs game began with shots of people gathering for a “peaceful protest” in downtown Phoenix.

It was bad enough to have an NBA franchise politicize themselves but to have it supported by a non-political network is not acceptable. NBA on TNT commentators Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Chris Weber were not able to refrain from commenting on Arizona’s immigration laws and proved to the world why they don’t work for a hard-hitting news outlet. Instead of welcoming the evening with game predictions, this is what we got from former NBA star Kenny “The Jet” Smith:

“I think it’s great, though, that they’ve understood…people understand, the team understands, the management understands it and now the city around, the people in Phoenix are also rallying together at the same time.”

Of course he completely neglects the facts that there are two sides to an argument and that many people in Arizona support the immigration law. Assuming that everyone watching is on their side is ignorant and only creates a greater divide from the audience. The unnecessary political coverage doesn’t end there as we get the always priceless yet consistently useless commentary from former NBA all-star Charles Barkley:

“The only people that screw it up are the politicians. The governor, interim governor I might add, J.D. Hayworth and John McCain, they are the ones screwing this up. Anytime, like, you try to do any type of racial profiling or racial discrimination, this is a federal…now…President Obama…we’ve got to do something, because these little lightweight politicians in Arizona don’t know what they are doing.”

No one in their right mind can follow Barkley’s analysis of basketball let alone public policy. It’s clear that he has absolutely no clue what he’s talking about. Barkley was a great basketball player, but he is a sorry excuse for a commentator – as he has always been. It is bad enough we have to work hard to get through his shoddy game analysis, but now we also have to decipher his political ramblings before tip-off!

The always classy former Sacramento Kings star Chris Weber also jumped on the anti-Arizona bandwagon. “They didn’t even want a Martin Luther King Day when John Mcclain (his mistake) was in, so if you follow history you know this is part of Arizona politics.” Maybe C-Web was watching Die Hard before the broadcast and was thinking of John McLane. Sadly, I highly doubt it. He certainly wasn’t busy researching Arizona politics.

NBA players are not much different from the Tinsel Town elite that live in the multi-million dollar bubble world while the rest of us suffer in reality. The only difference is that last night’s broadcast was put together as if they felt the entire national audience agreed with them: a juvenile mistake. Towards the end of the game, they even stopped to show us Al Sharpton in a “Los Suns” jersey and reassured us that the march made it to the capital successfully, as if we cared.

At a certain moment during the pre-game political analysis, long time TNT commentator Ernie Johnson said “let’s talk basketball.” I thought he would never say it! Can we please talk basketball during the NBA playoffs? Leave politics out of the game; it doesn’t belond in it. If we want to hear a group of uninformed leftists complaining about the Arizona immigration laws we can always turn on CNN.

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