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The Wild West is Back on Twitter: Sharpton & Hill Ride to our “Rescue”

Posted on May 5 2010 7:00 pm
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The state of Arizona caught a “lucky” break lately, in the form of BP’s inability to cap their oil leak and the FBI’s “car 54 where are you?” approach to apprehending Faisal Shahzad of Times Square-attempted-SUV-bombing fame.   This is obviously a facetious statement, as the oil spill and NY terrorism attempts are both horrible stories.

But those stories along with the unfortunate Tennessee flooding  have  temporarily diverted the reliably left leaning mediaand the pathetically progressive O administration.   Before bigger stories broke, the mainstream media and the Obama-ites had been railing against  the blatant gall of Arizona to do the work that the federal government should have been doing all along.  Namely working to stem the tide of illegal immigration across our southern border.

The news biz is calming down some and the peeps on Twitter were revisiting the tough, smart, necessary Arizona law.  Once again, it’s “Progressives to the Rescue”,  as Al Sharpton took flight to Arizona this morning right after posting:

“On flight headed to Phoenix. Will do my radio show from there and do a rally and march against the Immigration Bill. Profiling is wrong.”

This was followed by the pseudo but self-described Hip Hop Intellectual Marc Lamont Hill post:

“I’ll never understand our entire nation can discuss what to do with Mexicans who sneak into the US, but not ask WHY they’re coming.”

And of course the NY Times had editorialized last week that:

“A fight is brewing over Arizona’s new law that turns all of the state’s Latinos, even legal immigrants and citizens, into criminal suspects. And this is not a local fight. The poison is spreading; there is talk in Texas of passing a version of the Arizona statute.  President Obama has called the law “misguided” and promised to keep an eye on it. But when racial separation finds a foothold in any of the 50 states, the president needs to do more than mildly criticize.”

But as Heather Mac Donald eloquently puts it in City Journal:

SB 1070 ups the chances that an illegal alien will actually be detected and—horror of horrors—deported. The Arizona law is not about race; it’s not an attack on Latinos or legal immigrants. It’s about one thing and one thing only: making immigration enforcement a reality.

Others have written about the constitutionality of the Arizona legislation (it is), the extraordinary high rate of illegal border crossings in Arizona (over 1000 EVERY day), and Arizona’s so-called racist approach (it isn’t).  Polls indicate that the majority of Americans believe that Arizona is doing the right thing.  Sadly though if you have only the mainstream media as a guide – you would believe that the Arizona legislation is a catastrophic mistake.

“Lions and tigers and profiling…oh my!”  Puhlease.

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