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Breitbart says ‘crap’ on Christian TV

Posted on May 4 2010 12:00 pm
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Have I ever told you about how, back in the Reagan years, my fellow lefties and I used to get drunk and watch “The 700 Club” and make fun of the televangelists?

I have? OK, sorry…

I’ve come a long way, and so has the show, apparently. Defying all cynical liberal expectations, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is still around, looking more polished and “big time” than ever. Not a potted fern or cheap suit in sight (which is more than you can say about some secular newscasts…) Along with “The 700 Club,” CBN’s signature show is “The Brody File;” hosted by David Brody, the program attracts A-list guests like, well, President Obama.

And… Andrew Breitbart.

Breitbart, the conservative online media mogul, sat down with Brody this week for a  candid, revealing and inspiring interview. The man behind Big Hollywood didn’t pull any punches, saying:

I was made to counter-Alinsky Alinsky. I was meant to take on the left. (…) I like to get into the gutter with these people. I derive a sick pleasure from it. These people don’t fight fair. The left does not fight fair and so I’m basically saying to conservatives you don’t have to fight fair.

Christian turn-the-cheek-tactics do not work against this crowd.

I’m a Jewish conservative. I understand what it’s like to be looked at weird at a Passover Seder because you voted for George W. Bush.

The  show will air May 13 on (I can’t believe I’m typing this) “The 700 Club,” but here’s an enticing preview:

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