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It’s All About the Oil – Obama Chooses the Crisis of Greater National Significance

Posted on May 3 2010 8:00 pm
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Waiting for the Right Wave to Ride

Though we’re not part of his inner circle or privy to his counsel, we can still determine President Obama’s political will based on the political waves he chooses to ride.

Last week, as he demonized Arizona legislators attempting to enforce federal immigration laws, America discovered that crude, not criminality, poses greater “national significance” for Obama’s Administration.

His public announcement more than a week after the BP rig explosion to “determine” the cause of the disaster – though already deemed an accident by his own Press Secretary– was an effort to reframe his Katrina-style dithering to the new narrative appearing April 30th on the official Deepwater Horizon website:

“The federal government has been fully engaged in the response since the incident occurred April 20.”

Sending in swat teams and cadres of lawyers doesn’t fulfill the Coastal State Commitment Obama made during his campaign “that the federal government will never again allow such catastrophic failures in emergency planning and response to occur.”

Though having commandeered every crisis of the past 14 months, dismissing criticism he could “only handle one challenge at a time,” Obama still side-stepped Deep Horizon, though his administration immediately knew the breadth and scope of the massive oil spill.

Late last week, while officials clamoured to wait on President Obamato activate up to 6,000 National Guardmembers, Louisiana Governor Jindal appealed to Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security April 29th, the same day the oil spill was projected to reach the Louisiana shore.

By late evening April 30th, when Obama finally approved the mobilization of the Guard, the timeliness of his response to this crisis of “national significance”couldn’t match the quick and decivise “troop surge” with which he responded to Haiti.

Recording their first oiled bird isn’t handling Deep Horizon, nor is forgetting to mention the oil spill in his weekly address.

These measured responses demonstrate Obama’s political will, as he has chosen to label Deep Horizon an event of “national significance”over America’s immigration crisis.

Preoccupied by the coastal border, Obama is said to have dropped his pursuit of illegal immigration reform, citing Democrats’ “lack of ‘appetite’ to take on immigration while many of them are up for re-election.”‘ This delay is yet another measured tactic Obama has chosen over the lives and security of countless Americans, an immigration “carrot” to secure votes through the 2010 and 2012 elections.

In choosing crude over criminality, Obama trivializes the 2,158 murders of the last 14 months and  other serious crimes committed by illegal aliens, and the 7,000 drug war-related deaths in Mexico. We have a war occurring along our souther border that rivals the Afghanistan conflicts, where we had 926 deaths in 2009. Under his watch, Arizona’s capital city of Phoenix has been labeled Kidnapping Capital of the USA for over a year now, rivaling Mexico City for the world title.

American lives are in danger on the Homeland, a fact that even the media recognizes.

Will President Obama address the crime wave spilling over America’s southern border?


God, Family, Constitution. Veronica’s just an American wife and mom living in her native Texas. Her belief is that every American should take it upon themselves to become a Citizen Scholar. More of Veronica’s writings can be found at her personal blog. To view a collection of her thoughts, visit Tchotchkes.

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