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Barack Obama Hates Black People

Posted on May 2 2010 3:00 pm
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Let’s take a journey back in time. Do you remember when Hurricane Katrina happened and that intellectual giant, Kanye West, accused President Bush of hating black people because of the slow response from the Federal Government? This charge stuck to Bush better than a leech from the Louisiana swamp; he’s still missing a few pints of blood from that “Heck of a job, Brownie!” comment.

Tragically, the “chocolate city” has been struck with another disaster. Several days ago, an explosion on an oil platform began spilling thousands of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. It is believed that this spill will be worse than any other in American history, including the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska.

The Federal Government has had all of this time to prepare for the impending arrival of oil to the most vulnerable parts of the Louisiana coast. Where have they been? Well, Obama was busy pushing for the Banking Reform Bill and he did have an important speech to deliver to Wall Street. Not to mention the one he gave for Earth Day. Memorizing speeches takes up a lot of time- oh, wait. Obama has yet to survey the damage. On April 29th, ABC News reported that Janet Napolitano declared the spill to have “national significance.” Heck of a job, Janet.

So far, Obama has placed the task of clean up, finance and compensation for the mess on the shoulders of British Petroleum. That’s well and good but shouldn’t we have mobilized every resource WE had to clean up the spill before it reached the coast? We live here. Is it wise to wait for an evil corporation to act in our best interest? We wasted an entire week. There were swat teams sent to check the safety of other oil rigs but where were the scientists, clean-up crews and chemical engineers needed to deal with the disaster at hand? Lousiana’s fishermen are offering their boats to assist with the clean up.

Did we just say skip it because it was not our fault? This is how children deal out blame and consequence but our government is charged with the responsibility of protecting our coast line no matter who made the mess. The only possible answer to why the government’s response was so slow, is that Barack Obama must hate black people.

On the bright side, at least Obama doesn’t have to follow up on that crazy idea of additional drilling in the Gulf. We can all rest assured that he takes the protection of our environment seriously. Seriously?

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