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Obama, The Left and Their Misplaced Fear

Posted on April 30 2010 9:24 pm
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Apparently, according to the Left, a bunch of middle-aged people dressed up like the Founding Fathers is much scarier than a nuclear Iran.

What kind of politically motivated, Alinsky-style logic overwhelms a political Party that has control of both Houses of Congress and the White House to the point where they are paralyzed with fear over a group of peaceful protestors, and seemingly oblivious to the nuclear threats in North Korea and Iran?

The Alinsky methods that got Obama elected are beginning to make him look strange indeed as a President. Alinsky can help the Have-nots take down the Haves, but once you become the ones in power, Alinsky tactics begin to make you look just a little silly and quite petty.

So how does President Obama react to peaceful protesters exercising their first amendment rights? First, he pretends he doesn’t know they exist, and then he mocks them saying there are “folks out there waving tea bags around”.  When the demonstrators prove to be a more potent political force than he first thought he tells them that instead of protesting the inevitable higher taxes that will come with his preposterous overspending they “should be thanking him” because their taxes are “lower”.

Helping to overheat the political rhetoric and stoke the furnace of divisiveness, the talking heads at America’s new Soviet-style Pravda network, aka MSNBC, are uniformly castigating the Tea Parties as though they had assembled on the White House lawn with automatic weapons trained on anything that moves inside. Olbermann, Maddow, Matthews and most of the zealots at MSNBC are just as absurdly obsessed and inexplicably inaccurate about their reporting of Tea Party rallies as they are their reporting on Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is spinning centrifuges like a teenager on Meth spinning a hula hoop, and Kim Jong Il continues to test his missile capacity like he’s conducting some sort of grade school science project. Even in our hemisphere, Chavez continues to build a coalition of the insane while across the globe China is ratcheting up their military prowess at an unprecedented rate.

The President’s response to such global mayhem seems to be conciliatory at best and downright weak at worst: apologizing constantly and bowing when possible. It’s as if the parents are going out of town for the weekend and suddenly the world is a party house for religious lunatics and power hungry, narcissistic nabobs.

A religious lunatic hell-bent on destroying America and ushering in a religious apocalypse is developing a nuclear weapon as we speak. Experts tell us he’ll be capable of reaching the continental United States with his payload of hate and unspeakable destruction as soon as five years from now, but don’t worry America because tonight on MSNBC Keith Olbermann, as he always does, will take to the airwaves like a modern day Paul Revere, and in a delivery somewhere between Edward R. Murrow and a poorly trained Shakespearean actor he will once again sound the warning bell: somewhere, sometime, somehow, just maybe, in the not-too-distant future some “tea-bagger” might, perhaps become violent if we don’t stop this reckless, willy-nilly exercise of the first amendment.

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