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Stewart vs. Blackwell: Comedian Wins with One-Hand Tied

Posted on April 29 2010 1:02 pm
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Oh. My. God. How in the world did anyone in the GOP support Ken Blackwell in his bid to become the RNC Chairman? His appearance on The Daily Show last night was heart-wrenching to watch. Whether you agree with him or not, you could not help but feel bad.

Stewart took issue with the conclusions of Blackwell’s latest book, which accuses President Obama of (as the title says) having a plan to “subvert the Constitution and build an imperial presidency.” Stewart emphasized that everything Obama is doing is within the democratic system of checks and balances and no lines are being crossed that Bush hadn’t previously. The comedian has been repeatedly making the point lately that he opposed the Bush Administration, but never let his rhetoric fall into calling him a “tyrant” like many of his colleagues—and he asks the same of Obama critics.

Watch the painful-to-watch extended interview here:

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As you can see, Blackwell is an extremely slow speaker, inarticulate, doesn’t provide any real facts, and sidesteps the comparison of Obama to Bush. The most he does is say that Bush’s last eight months set the stage for Obama to bring about even larger government. Fair point, but big-government “conservatism” was a staple of eight years, not eight months.

I have no idea who suggested to Blackwell that he go on The Daily Show, but whoever did needs a change of career paths. The GOP has to be able to handle the new media—not just social networking sites—but hosts like Jon Stewart who have much credibility with younger voters and a large audience overall. He gave Blackwell plenty of time to speak, wasn’t rude, and whether you agree with Stewart or not, you can’t say his points were made unfairly or without a legitimate thought process.

The GOP, and all those in the political arena, should watch this extended interview to get a lesson in the costs of not being able to adapt to today’s kind of media. Poor Ken Blackwell.

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