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The Miracle of Life

Posted on April 28 2010 8:21 am
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Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report has started a new series in his show called “Stephen Hawking is an A-Hole.” The latest installment is about Hawking’s comment that alien life must exist because of how large the universe is, and that we must avoid contact with it because it could be dangerous.

Hawking compared it to Columbus discovering America, and Colbert mockingly took issue with the comparison of the aliens to Columbus when we are the best colonizers. Hawking’s confidence that alien life exists that is sophisticated enough to conquer us had me thinking about the miracle of life and of the earth.

But first, watch Colbert’s segment after the jump:

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As a Christian, if the creation of intelligent life is a simple matter of statistics—meaning if there are X number of planets and universes, sophisticated life becomes inevitable—then God is not necessary. Even if you are an atheist, I think, you should appreciate how remarkable it is that we are even here.

I’m no scientist, but as I was taught, the concept that universe and time is limited and thus had a beginning is basic working theory now. This limits the argument about the inevitability of life, as one cannot fall back on the theory that the universe is eternal and so unlimited time makes virtually all things possible. We’ll leave the discussion about how revolutionary the Big Bang Theory is, from both a scientific and religious perspective, for another day.

In The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel, he interviewed Walter L. Bradley, a man with a long resume in science including being the former head of Texas A&M University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and the school’s Polymer Technology Center. He put the odds of a protein molecule being formed by chance at “one chance in a 10 with 60 zeroes after it.” The list goes on and on of miraculous circumstances that enabled life to begin.

Think about it: Everything coming from nothing with a quick explosion, then organizes itself under a complex system of laws which then set the innumerable conditions permitting life to be created. Christians who believe in evolution can marvel at how miraculous it is life came about even in that way. Christians who don’t believe in evolution will marvel the same way, only see it as evidence against evolution as well. And atheists—well, they can still appreciate the miracle of life while disagreeing with what the source of that miracle is.

Ryan Mauro is the founder of and a regular contributor to FrontPage Magazine.

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