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Rush Limbaugh strikes back at Clinton in the Wall Street Journal

Posted on April 23 2010 12:30 pm
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Rush Limbaugh is the Wayne Gretzky of talk radio. They say Gretzky, unlike 99% of the players on the ice, intuitively knew where the puck was going, and duly skated in that direction. Likewise, Limbaugh thinks a few steps ahead of both his competition and his enemies. It’s that quirk of the mind that helps explain why he alone gets contracts with nine-figure signing bonuses.

Speaking of thinking one step ahead: Limbaugh’s taken today off (Mark Steyn will be sitting in) but he’s ensured that the country will still be talking about him for the next 24 hours, even if he’s off the air.

Today, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed by Rush, defending himself (and Tea Partiers) from the latest smears against them, uttered by impeached President Bill Clinton.

The piece reads, in part:

Few presidents have sunk so low as Mr. Clinton did with his accusations about Oklahoma City. Last week—on the very day I was contributing to and raising more than $3 million to fight leukemia and lymphoma on my radio program—Mr. Clinton used the 15th anniversary of that horrific day to regurgitate his claims about talk radio. (…)

Timothy McVeigh was incensed by the Clinton administration’s 1993 siege on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. It’s no coincidence that the bombing took place two years to the day of the Waco siege. McVeigh was not inspired by anything I said or believe and to say otherwise is outright slander. In the aftermath of the bombing, I raised millions of dollars for the children of federal employees killed in that cowardly attack through my association with the Marine Corp Law Enforcement Foundation.

Let me just say it. The Obama/Clinton/media left are comfortable with the unrest in our society today. It allows them to blame and demonize their opponents (doctors, insurance companies, Wall Street, talk radio, Fox News) in order to portray their regime as the great healer of all our ills, thus expanding their power and control over our society.

Meanwhile, a lesser known talk radio host out of Tulsa raised a troubling prospect at his blog this week:

Obama’s bureaucrats are ready to impose a performance tax on music played on radio stations all over the nation. (…)

You would think that the talk radio stations would be unaffected but that is not the case.

Here is the problem. Radio stations are usually owned and operated in clusters. In other words, a national company owns any number of stations and they like for them to be close together so they can share costs. They can have one sales team for several stations. One morning traffic guy can make reports on six different stations. The same thing goes for weather reports, sports, etc.

If Obama’s radio tax goes into effect, some stations won’t be able to afford playing music and they will have to switch to a talk format.

What’s wrong with that?

It’s bad because it is an attempt to water down talk radio by flooding the airways with talk shows.

Air America, the liberal answer to conservative talk radio, tried to compete on a level playing field and went bankrupt. No one listened. They needed help from the federal government and now it looks like they might get it.

After this Obama tax is levied, look for the federal government to give tax breaks or even grants (like NPR) to support unpopular liberal talk shows that would not exist without those subsidies and this confiscatory tax.

Paranoid? Or just thinking a few steps ahead?

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