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Revolt at Comedy Central

Posted on April 23 2010 11:22 am
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By now, we all know about how Comedy Central has censored South Park from showing the Prophet Mohammed. For their 200th episode, Trey Parker and Matt Stone reacted by showing Mohammed in a bear suit. This still wasn’t good enough and, two of the operators of which I’ve met and have personally seen their evil, said that they’d likely be targeted for doing this. They said it wasn’t a threat, but included audio of Anwar al-Awlaki talking about killing those who insult Mohammed and a link to an article about their Colorado mansion.

Now, Comedy Central is stopping Parker and Stone from even mentioning the words “Prophet Mohammed” and cut a speech about not being intimidated, meant as a rebuttal to the radical Islamic threats against them. This is capitulation, pure and simple. Last night, Jon Stewart gently aligned himself with Parker and Stone, and made the same arguments in his opening monologue that Comedy Central prevented South Park from giving.

Here’s Stewart’s video (warning: foul language):

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One more point needs to be made by Parker, Stone and Stewart. This capitulation began after the riots of 2005-2006 following the publication of cartoons in Denmark that degraded Mohammed, flames that were spread by extremist clerics and the governments of Iran and Syria. This was the product of the radical Islamic infrastructure of hatred and intolerance. And it’ll happen again in the future—because it worked. Comedy Central is acting in the exact way that the extremists intended.

This wasn’t just about the Mohammed cartoons. It was about making the West act more in accordance with Islamic law out of fear. Make us so terrified, that they can enforce their will. By attempting to prevent such anger and violence, Comedy Central has only guaranteed that it will be used again.

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