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Comment of the Day: Abortion’s True Face

Posted on April 23 2010 9:00 pm
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From Peachey, one of NRB’s most loyal and thoughtful commenters, in response to Lori Ziganto’s post from yesterday:

Lori, great article. As a nurse I can tell you personally of the pain and anguish that I have seen in women that made a decision to kill a child and then suffered immensely afterwards. The post-abortion syndrome gets little attention and study and yet has tremendous impact on so many women. Speaking with psychologists, the second reason for seeking counseling is the anguish from having an abortion. There really are no winners with abortion despite the celebrations of those that are pro-abortion (I stopped using the term pro-choice long ago as the baby was not given a choice). There is nothing more heartbreaking (and destructive) than seeing a 19 year old coming in the ER with post-abortion hemorrhage.As she is prepped for surgery, the consent includes the potential for hysterectomy if the damage is not repairable. I have seen a 15 year old end up with a hysterectomy secondary to a perforated and infected uterus that was not repairable. This is the true face of abortion. The miriad of unintended consequences do have a horrific impact on a woman despite the levity and dismissiveness and of the pro-abortion fem-ogyists. The life-long guilt and pain cannot be glossed over or delegitimized.

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