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Al Gore’s Climate Change Cult Targets Teens

Posted on April 23 2010 6:00 am
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Apparently educators are so occupied with cutting the microphones of renegade valedictorians who thank God at graduation and censoring  flute renditions of Ave Maria, there’s no time left to protect tender young minds from Al Gore’s faithful cult following, the Inconvenient Youth.

Defined by Wikipedia as an environmental group serving grades K-12, Inconvenient Youth will commemorate today’s annual leftist ritual, Earth Day, by zealously proclaiming the gospel according to Al Gore: Capitalism must be destroyed before it destroys us. 

And according to a press release on their website, the five most promising crusaders will go on to be specially apprenticed by Gore himself.

Inconvenient Youth will also enable five teens to participate in The Climate Project’s upcoming Our Choice Training with Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore, to be held in June. The initiative dovetails with the Alliance’s Repower America “youth surge” campaign to organize students on college campuses across the country.

Wow. Good luck. The competition must be fierce to prove one’s self worthy to sit at the feet of the master.

Perhaps an ambitious Al Gore devotee could gin up international hatred and terrify billions by blaming selfish American capitalists for made-up melting glaciers and imminent famine and drought.

Or they could traumatize a seven-year-old with stories of tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, drought, and starvation and then videotape his anguish.

In any event, a hopeful applicant could always post ideas “for action” on the Inconvenient Youth website forum, which already boasts many suggestions from needlessly worried children:

“Let’s start doing something like arise of the chair and change the world!”

“I walk home from skool and soon I mite walk to skool. Idk. But its fun and exercise!! Lol.” Something tells me this kid’s teacher is focusing climate change at the expense of other subjects.

“Turn off lights when im not using them and……….and tell my mom to walk to work so she doesnt waste gas.” This is typical. Guilt the poor overworked parents.

“I would like to create a grant for schools to be able to use more efficient energy and fuel for the school buses. “This one was set apart as a “featured idea.” Call me cynical, but I suspect the judges wanted to encourage the inclination to soak the taxpayers.

So, here’s how I see it. We’ve ripped the Ten Commandments from classroom walls, heroically rescuing second-graders from such insidious mind-control as “don’t kill or steal” only to replace it with institutionally approved propaganda: discredited junk science designed to con the next generation into socialist harnesses under the threat of a phony apocalypse.

But what if little Johnny rebels?  Shilpi Misra, a member of the Inconvenient Youth teen advisory board, hints of a strategy to deal with climate change heretics.

“The ultimate goal of Inconvenient Youth, at least for me, is to provide ideas and to consciously act on those ideas, while pursuing efforts that make obstacles entirely irrelevant.”

Make those “obstacles” irrelevant how?

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