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Yeah, About That Whole Over-Populating the Earth Thing….

Posted on April 22 2010 11:52 am
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I can remember getting the living daylights scared out of me by teachers in elementary school about how we were committing suicide as a species by destroying the environment. Looking back, the emphasis on environmentalism was only rivaled by our education in slavery. And one of the major themes was over-population. Y’know, how we already have too many people and soon would be struggling for food and space.

Well, looks like those teachers trying to turn young students into environmentalist activists are going to have to find a new line. Jon Stewart interviewed Fred Pearce last night, the author of The Coming Population Crash: And Our Planet’s Surprising Future, who made the case that we’re going to be okay after all. Birth rates are declining around the planet and we didn’t even have to force pregnant women to abort their kids!

Watch the video below:

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If Pearce was alone in saying this, I’d be skeptical. But STRATFOR’s George Friedman made the same prediction in his book, The Next 100 Years. He writes:

“By 2050, advanced industrial countries will be losing population at a dramatic rate. By 2100, even the most underdeveloped countries will have reached birthrates that will stabilize their populations.”

And now, my obsession with foreign policy kicks in. I also remember reading in Ambassador Mark Palmer’s book, Breaking the Real Axis of Evil, about how population growth could be contained by encouraging modernization via promotion of democracy and liberal reform. For so long, we’ve heard that the industrialized countries were destroying the planet. The West may be hurting the planet, but at least in the case of over-population, it may actually be responsible for saving it. 

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