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How Do Progressives Keep Straight Faces?

Posted on April 21 2010 12:00 pm
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We know Nancy Pelosi relies on Botox, but how to explain the other twenty million or so?

Last Friday’s event at the Center for American Congress got plenty of attention, after impeached President Bill Clinton restated his belief that Rush Limbaugh was partially to blame for the Oklahoma City bombing. (Limbaugh, in turn, repeated his call to Clinton to tell him exactly which words he said on the air that supposedly drove Timothy McVeigh over the edge. Last I checked, Rush was still waiting for a response…)

However, other comments by other attendees got less attention. Reading the official transcript of the event, this tidbit jumped out at me:

Former Clinton White House speechwriter Michael Waldman opined (transcript):

Well, I think that after Oklahoma City, after the bombing, there was perhaps temporarily a coming together of the country, about what was a permissible line and what was permissible in the demonization of government. And interestingly, in the immediate aftermath, at that point, the congressional Republicans in the House missed that moment. They were still playing the record from two years before and saying: We’re going to shut the government down and everyone’s going to be very happy.

You heard, you saw President Clinton – and those of us who worked in the White House at that time saw it repeatedly – the affection and respect that he had for Sen. Dole. You could see it in the way he talked about him. Sen. Dole was noteworthy in being courageous on drawing those lines within his own party, just as Democrats drew lines against the Weathermen in their party.

I’m indebted to another blogger for pointing out that Waldman said this while sitting next to Mark Potok, of the increasingly paranoid and unreliable Southern Poverty Law Center (which has made lots of money predicting an armed skinhead takeover of America any minute now — for at least twenty years.)

Now, what makes this whole set-up extra crispy is that Potok’s SPLC posted a glowing tribute to Weatherman leader Bill Ayers on its Teaching Tolerance website!

Amazingly, the word “Weatherman” doesn’t appear once in that hagiographic puff piece! I guess that’s what progressives mean by “drawing lines,” huh?

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