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Why Won’t Obama Let Me Spread the Wealth??

Posted on April 19 2010 8:00 am
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I don’t know about you, but I am getting mixed messages. I thought Obama told Joe the Plumber, “when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody.” And then, if I recall, Obama’s good friend and appointee Van Jones told us to “Give them the wealth! Give them the dignity!” In our family, we’ve always referred to that as “charity” and it was something one did because one wanted to and because one felt it was the right thing to do. It is something Americans have always done – and with great generosity at that. 

A report from eJewishPhilanthropy shows that Americans gave an incredible amount in 2008, a year when the economy was in a downfall:

According to Giving USA 2009, the yearbook on philanthropy released today by the Giving Institute, 2008 charitable giving in the United States totaled $307.65 billion…

Yet, despite their public statements it was reported last week that Obama’s budget for 2011 asks for a big cut in charitable deductions, for the second year in a row. This seems like something he wants cut pretty badly.

From The Daily Caller:

The Obama administration’s fiscal 2011 budget proposes cutting the tax deduction for charitable donations, alarming both philanthropists and non-profits across the country.

The White House is expecting to collect an additional $291 billion over the next decade by reducing the write-off for families earning over $250,000 despite the fact Congress roundly rejected such a measure last year. While the administration is portraying this as a populist move, experts have said the end result will be a significant blow to charities and non-profits already reeling in the midst of the recession.

It’s frankly surprising to see this proposal come back this year, it was very controversial last year,” said Tom Riley, vice president for communications at the Philanthropy Roundtable. “This of all times isn’t the time to take actions that would discourage charitable giving. The need for non-profits hasn’t been higher for a generation.”

I guess Obama prefers the money to be funneled through his administration rather than through charities and non-profits. Attempting to gain control of charitable funds is not new and unique to Obama. It is a popular idea among progressives in general.

In a Washington Examiner report last week, Mark Tapscott describes the “diversity gun” tactics attempted by the Leftist group the Greenlining Institute:

The heart of the proposal was a series of data disclosures described by the Pacific Research Institute:

The bill … wants all private foundations in California with assets of more than $250 million to collect and publicize data on the racial composition of its board of directors, including the percentage that are African-American, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, Caucasian, Latino, Native American, and Alaskan Native. The bill mandates reporting on the board’s gender composition and also wants to know the racial composition of the foundation’s staff, along with the male-female breakdown.

AB 624 wants the percentage of business contracts awarded to businesses owned by African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders, Caucasians, Latinos, Native Americans, and Alaskan Natives and the number of grants awarded to organizations serving the same groups.

It also seeks the percentage of grant dollars awarded to organizations serving those groups and the number of grants awarded to organizations where 50 percent or more of the board members are ethnic minorities.

Not to be left out are the number of grants awarded to organizations where 50 percent or more of the staff are ethnic minorities. All this is to be displayed on the foundation’s website and included in a ‘diversity’ section of the annual report.”

Increases in Americorps and the addition of a White House office of Social Innovation have recently been added to the mix, as described by Howard Husock at

And a new White House office (of Social Innovation) will make its own grants to non-profits—but only for select purposes.

Finally, a big authorized increase in the program called Americorps—from 75,000 participants to 250,000—will turn legions of prospective volunteers into government-supported labor, awarded, again, through a government grant process—not private philanthropy.

My apologies; it now appears that I misunderstood Obama and Jones. They do not want me my share the wealth after all. I am simply one of the millions of money suppliers for this project. This is a job for super-government, who can see that it is distributed to the right people, for the right causes, resulting in complete dependency on government without competition from those pesky charities.

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