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Don’t play the dhimmi, don’t kowtow, don’t accept Islamic supremacists’ version of events

Posted on April 18 2010 7:54 am
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LeavingIslam?.jpg The ad in question

I just had this exchange with a Jihad Watch reader regarding the pulling of SIOA’s religious liberty bus ads after they ran only three days, and I thought it worth sharing with you:

1. Jihad Watch reader to Spencer:

Its a shame things are so 1 sided. I wonder if Mrs. Geller toned it down to a level where Cair wouldnt be able to make an intolerance complaint but could still get the message out if this could be successful.

2. Spencer to Jihad Watch reader:

You’re whistling in the dark. Everyone tones down what they say in order to placate the Muslims. Ultimately that is the road to Sharia and dhimmitude. What is offensive about our ad? What is wrong with its tone? Apostates are threatened and killed all over the world. We offered them help. What would you suggest we tone down? What would you suggest we not say in order to please them? Why must we always play this game, instead of speaking the truth without fear? There is nothing objectively wrong or offensive about our ad. You’re falling into their trap, allowing them to define what is offensive and what isn’t. I refuse to do so.

And even if our ad were offensive to someone, so what? I am offended by all sorts of things. I wouldn’t dream of trying to get them suppressed because they offend me, and no one would take me seriously if I did. But Muslims are already a de facto privileged class, even in America — if I’m offended, no one gives two hoots and no one should, but if Muslims are offended, watch out! Heaven and earth will move!

The group that is allowed to suppress speech with which it disagrees, or which it finds offensive, is a group that can suppress dissent and carry out its will unchallenged. That is the road to tyranny.

We’re suing Miami-Dade Transit for infringement of our First Amendment free speech rights and breach of contract.

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