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The Right Needs to Stop Acting Like the Left if it Wants the High Ground

Posted on April 17 2010 2:58 pm
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Have you ever felt like people meant well, but they just aren’t helping your cause?

I have no desire to attack the Right. If anything, I will do everything in my power to encourage anyone and everyone who is willing to work to replace this sliver of the far-Left that is currently running our country. However, sometimes we have to take stock of ourselves. This is one of those times.

A favorite ploy of the Left is to take things out of context and/or twist them like a pretzel to fit their preconceived ideas. Unfortunately, the Right has been doing way too much of this of late.

A case in point:

The following quote from this video went viral:

“First of all, then we’d have to say the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama,”

Blog after blog ran with that statement claiming that Al Sharpton believes that America voted for socialism by voting for President Obama. Al Sharpton is one of the last people on the planet that I want to defend since I disagree with him on…well everything. But the Right needs to maintain intellectual honesty and this is a perfect example.

What the Reverend was saying was that if someone was to claim that Obama represented socialism, then the logical antecedent of that argument is that America must have voted for socialism. His point was not that America voted for socialism, but that he feels Obama is not a socialist.

Another case in point:

Unfortunately, the quote from the above video that has made its way onto hundreds of blogs is, “I don’t worry about the constitution”.  Now, I disagree with virtually everything Rep. Hare says in this video, and in fact I disagree with virtually everything he stands for, but it is simply not honest or fair to take that quote out of context like so many have.

It is quite likely that he was stating that he felt the bill was constitutional and extremely unlikely that he was saying he just didn’t care about the constitution even though his actions seem to confirm his disregard for the constitution.

We have all too often decided that the sensational is more important than the factual. It is difficult to get hits on your blog with so much competition, but this must not cause us to be in such a frenzy to find the salacious and sensational that we are willing to cast aside any attempt to be fair and unbiased. It is the truth that is in our side, not the use of gimmickry, which is usually the fare of the Left.

Accepting what people say in context does not mean you have to agree with them, but it does grant you higher ground from which to convince others to agree with you.

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