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Women’s Mag Publisher Tells CNN: Palin is Larry the Cable Guy w/o Class & Intelligence

Posted on April 15 2010 2:03 am
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This feminist claims Palin is the one without class.

Feminism died the day Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain’s running mate.  From instant hate by women’s groups to news magazine covers of the former governor in jogging shorts to the countless jabs by the media – Palin proved most feminists are not really pro-women.  They are pro-power and pro-Left.

Wednesday’s episode of Showbiz Tonight on CNN’s Headline News gave just one more example.  Watch as Cathy Areu, publisher of Catalina magazine takes a cheap shot at Palin.

When asked if Palin’s recent wealth will hurt her cred with down home folks, Areu has a response she was hoping would garner laughter but just came off as mean.

“Sarah Palin…is a female Larry the Cable Guy minus the class and intelligence.” – Cathy Areu

Obviously Areu was prepared with that line.  I’m sure she wrote it up the night before anticipating great applause for her assault on Palin.  Ironically, Areu’s website claims she created Catalina magazine “in 2001 to break stereotypes and show a positive side of the U.S. Hispanic community.”  How sad that with her few seconds on HLN she pushes stereotypes of “a Wal-Mart mom” who ignorantly likes Larry the Cable Guy and a supposedly clueless Sarah Palin.  I guess her magazine defends Latina women, but middle America women can be thrown under the bus.

Later in the clip you see another contributor argues that Palin may just have a plan to garner attention to help her run for President in 2012.  At that suggestion Areu shakes her head in disgust and says, “No…no.”

I’m not sure how a woman whose Facebook picture shows her debating Dancing With the Stars vs. American Idol is an expert on class.  A woman whose fan pages include the horrific movie Bruno, reality star Omarosa, and Kathy Griffin should not be claiming others lack intelligence (not to mention being a fan of Leftists like Terry McAulliffe and the Black Congressional Caucus).

On the other hand Areu takes herself far more seriously in self-promotion.  Her own website says Oxygen TV named her one of the most influential women in New York.  Well thankfully no one watches Oxygen and no one outside of New York knows who this woman is.

The HLN attack wasn’t the first time Areu tried to tear down Palin.  In Areu’s magazine she actually argues that the Family Guy’s portrayal of a Hispanic maid is far more offensive then the show mocking Palin’s down syndrome child.  She calls the Palin episode “clever, intelligent entertainment”.  But having a Hispanic maid character is “truly offensive.”  (Of course, Areu ignores that her magazine has featured Jennifer Lopez who famously played a hotel maid in “Maid in Manhattan.”)

Cathy Areu, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.  If Palin was a Latina I guarantee she would have been on your cover multiple times by now.  And you certainly wouldn’t be slamming her.  But honestly, if Palin simply were on the Left she would be a media darling instead of their target.

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