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Today’s Tweet: Transportation Chief LaHood’s Focus is Two Wheels Short of Full Load

Posted on April 14 2010 8:58 am
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News reports broke yesterday about  Toyota’s latest blunder.  The  Toyota owned 2010 Lexus GX 460SUVwas cited as “unsafe” by Consumer Reports.  Serious handling problems that could cause rollovers in the vehicles compelled Toyota to pull the pricey models off the market immediately.

A thoughtful American might imagine that the compounding safety issues in thousands of cars would be important to the Department of Transportation.  Injuries, class action lawsuits, ambulance chasers & liability questions swirl around as drivers begin to ponder their own purchases and safety.

But the afore-mentioned American would be wrong.  Because the O Administration’s Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is apparently focused on something else:   his new bicycling policy!

Outed on twitter by the Huffington Post this morning,

LaHood says the government is going to give bicycling – and walking, too – the same importance as automobiles in transportation planning and the selection of projects for federal money. He quietly announced the “sea change” in transportation policy last month.

No surprise that LaHood would announce his new policy quietly, since it’s timing is patently absurd.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to bike as much as the next conservative.  And I enjoy running too, though trucks and blue haired lady drivers occasionally pose a small threat to my safety.  But that doesn’t explain why the Secretary is focusing on bicycles as Toyota automobiles are careening out of control.

Applauded by the climate control, tree hugging, Earth Day devotees of the left the new policy has most conservatives questioning the sanity of the policy for a variety of reasons.  You can imagine the reasons, but I’m still trying to puzzle through how LaHood can be so misguided and out-of-step.

“This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized,” he wrote in his government blog.

The blog was accompanied by a DOT policy statement urging states and transportation agencies to treat “walking and bicycling as equals with other transportation modes.”

But I think I’m beginning to see the light:  if a Toyota or Lexus hits me while I’m riding on a government approved bicycle path, that might get the attention of the D.O.T.

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