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Reza Kahlili’s View of World Events as discussed in “A Time To Betray” Part Two of Three

Posted on April 14 2010 1:00 pm
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Reza Kahlili (an alias) recently wrote the book, A Time To Betray, a portrayal of his double life as a Revolutionary Guard member and CIA Agent. Although it is impossible to independently verify his recounting of all the events and facts it is a fascinating read about the despotic Iranian regime. The best part of the book is when he discusses his personal experiences and reactions to the brutal Iranian government from its inception in 1979 through today. NewsRealBlog talked with the author about his feelings, past and present, regarding the radicalized extremist Iranian system.

NRB: A former CIA Official said that the Iranians needed fissile material and a delivery system, missiles, which is currently on going. In your book you stated that starting in the mid-1980’s the Iranian government wanted a nuclear bomb. Do they have a bomb?

Reza: That is when the project started. It is true; they have not mastered having a war head. If they had a bomb they would have used it after the US Navy accidentally shot down the Iranian jetliner.

NRB: There seems to be a discrepancy between your view and what the lead FBI investigator, Richard Marquise, says about the downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie. Marquise says that unequivocally all the evidence points to the Libyans. Do you want to comment?

Reza: I was not involved in the exact details of the investigation. The regime talked about retaliation for the downing of the Iranian flight by the US Navy. I was told right after it happened by some Iranian Agents in Europe, before any of the evidence became public, that Iran initiated the plan, provided funds, and provided the coordination. The Libyans wanted to be a part of it because of the bombing of the Palace ordered by President Reagan. They participated in the takedown.

NRB: If revenge is the reason why didn’t the Iranian government go public at some point?

Reza: You don’t understand the mentality. They got their revenge and made their point. There was no need to make the story public.

NRB: In 1984, William Buckley, the CIA station chief in Beirut, was kidnapped and tortured by Hezbollah, the fundamentalist Shiite group with strong links to the Khomeini regime. Since he was taken to Iran why did you not report his whereabouts?

Reza: I was not aware of everything. I never heard of anything nor was it wise to ask. His torture and killing were taped and sent to the embassy. All I know is the Iranian government was able to get a lot of information.

NRB: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current President of Iran, was rumored to be one of the student leaders that overtook the US embassy in 1979. Since you were there can you confirm it?

Reza: I did not see him personally. The takeover was not just an attempt by regular students. It was clearly planned by Khomeini’s men. He was part of the group and was also one of the prison interrogators.

NRB: In the book you mention the persecution of the Jews by the government. Are the Iranians anti-Semitic?

Reza: No. The Jews are persecuted by the system, not the people. My mother’s neighbor who was Jewish was subjected to searches and interrogations every time he came back from a trip outside the country. Many Jews are accused of espionage, taken to prison, and constantly harassed.

NRB: Do Iranians hate Israel?

Reza: Many in Iran listen to the news through Israeli radio because they consider it most accurate. Many recognize the state of Israel yet want to see established an unarmed Palestinian State.

NRB: In the book you talk a lot about the Iraqis. Since Saddam Hussein’s overthrow has Iraq become an Iranian puppet?

Reza: Absolutely. They have infiltrated the Iraqi Shiite population. Most of the political figures in Iraq are partners or are bribed by the Iranian government.

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