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Expect Another Round of the Right-Wing Extremist Debate

Posted on April 14 2010 3:28 pm
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Rachel Maddow was on The Daily Show last night to promote her upcoming two-hour documentary featuring never-before-heard recordings of Timothy McVeigh discussing his terrorist attack in Oklahoma City. I don’t know how long this has been in production, so I can’t say if it’s airing is directly connected to anything, but think about the series of events since President Obama has come into office.

The first was the Homeland Security right-wing extremist memo (which I defended), and then talk of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement fomenting violence with their harsh rhetoric. On The Daily Show, they actually attributed threats and violence against Democratic supporters of the health care bill to the Republican Party’s fierce and sometimes over-the-top hyperbole.

The arrests of the radical Christian militia members planning attacks on law enforcement further served this storyline and now, MSNBC is going to do a special about the best known right-wing extremist, Timothy McVeigh. Am I going too far in suspecting that MSNBC is purposely timing this to fit in with the narrative that right-wing extremism is increasing, fueled by the Tea Party and anti-Obama activism?

The video of Maddow’s interview is below:

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Now, again, I am not dismissing the threat from right-wing extremists. I do think that fear over the left-wing agenda of President Obama is probably going to spur groups like Hutaree into action. The Department of Homeland Security isn’t wrong to watch out for those that feel they need to physically fight against some globalist, New World Order conspiracy (although, most of these conspiracy theorists viewed Bush as being part of it as much as Obama). But what is MSNBC trying to achieve here besides ratings?

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