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Tweeter Tells It Like It Is: Progressives Too Dopey To Make Their Own Decisions

Posted on April 13 2010 7:00 pm
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You ever have the feeling that something you suspect can’t possibly be true… because it’s just too sad?  Leftist Kevin Drum wrote moments ago that MORE government involvement is a good thing because it relieves us from that pesky decision making.  Seriously?  Oh Kevin,  give me a damn break.  Too true, too lame, too predictable.

The ever so progressive Mr. Drum is spouting the party line with this gem:

one of the primary causes of personal stress is decisionmaking, and modern life jacks that up every time we’re forced to make yet another goddam decision. Do we really want to have to decide if we want the bread or do we just want to enjoy dinner? Do we want a dozen different options on our flight, or would we rather just buy a ticket that includes all the usual stuff?

Oh but wait dear readers, it gets better.  According to the incomparable Kev, our little lives would be much more idyllic if big brother could just make every single decision for us:

Choice is good. Most of the time we want it, and economically it’s often beneficial. But it can also hide things and make prices hard to compare.   Not having to worry about that stuff might be worth a few dollars.  Anyway, just a thought. Cheap flights are good, but sometimes there’s such a thing as a market that’s too efficient. We might all find ourselves a little bit happier and a little bit less frazzled if prices were a few dollars higher and, in return, there were a few less decisions forced on us every day.

This is almost indescribably lame, but also incredibly telling.   Sometimes the progressives let the mask slip a little and reveal more about their real thought process than they realize.  The left hungers for a savior, so we get their all-seeing all-knowing “savior” rammed down our throats.  This of course flies in the face of democracy, capitalism and the very foundation of our country.  Oh Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, whatever will we do?

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