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This Would Be a Very Good Time for All Hungarian Jews to Make Aliyah

Posted on April 13 2010 2:48 pm
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Looking back on a common, tragic experience, Holocaust Survivor, Zdenka Novak, reflects on Hitler’s rise from insignificant, obscurity to near universal power in Europe:

“From today’s perspective it is clear to me that our fatal mistake was that of not taking Hitler seriously. In fact we could have escaped much earlier had we followed the advice of Seka’s father. He was an extremely wise man, kind, gentle and farsighted. We did not pay attention to Velimir’s advice…my father was still optimistic after all that had happened…and nobody could convince him that he was wrong.”

No one can fault Zdenka’s father. It defied belief that Hitler could carry out his pledge to rid Europe of all Jews. The Holocaust was then unimaginable. But, the Unimaginable happened. As history begins to repeat itself, we cannot pretend that the Unimaginable can’t happen. We must take the advice a Holocaust Survivor gave to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

“When someone tells you they are going to exterminate you, believe them.”

On April 11, 2010, 64% of the Hungarian population voted in National Elections. Seventeen percent of the votes, translating into 26 National Assembly seats, were won by candidates from the Jobbik Party, “A Party for A Better Hungary.” Only four years ago, this party earned 1% of the vote and no seats. The party is now third in power.

Benefiting from the terrible economic conditions and corruption of the previously ruling socialists, Jobbik promised economic and political reform. The party is determined to solve the threat to Hungary’s national security problem, a problem they curiously refer to as the “Gypsy (Roma) Question.” I seem to remember hearing this somewhere else.

The UK Sun reported this morning:

“Hungarian Zoltan Fuzessy, 35, uses his terraced house in Gravesend, Kent, as an HQ to promote his far-right movement. Fuzessy is vice-president of the Jobbik party, whose members freely boast of their hatred towards Jews and make sick jokes about the Holocaust. The party, called “the shame of Hungary” by the country’s PM, has paramilitaries who dress in black uniforms like Hitler’s SS and has close ties to the British National Party.”

Nick Griffin, former British MEP representing the Anti-Semitic British National Party, was invited to Budapest for a rally in November of 2009. Another guest in attendance was former Italian MEP, Roberto Fiore, head of the radical Forza Nuova, co-founder of the neo-fascist International Third Position.

At the rally, Fiore told Jobbik supporters:

“In 2009, we see the fall of financial Capitalism. It is a fact that the people who were in the Communist Party like your present Prime Minister were the same people who developed this financial Capitalism that is now falling down. These are the same people who are trying to push Gay Rights, who are trying to push anti-Christian laws, who are trying to push the destruction of the Christian nation…this is the financial Capitalism that is pushing thousands and millions towards poverty, it is led and is directed from the same people who put Christ on the Cross.”

Also present was the Jobbik Party member of the European Parliament, Krisztina Morvai. This young lawyer and mother of three rose to fame as a Human Rights Activist and crusader for Women’s Equality.

Her Jobbik candidacy made little sense until her hatred for Israel came to light:

“Hungarian far-right leader Krisztina Morvai has blasted Israel’s offensive on the Gaza Strip, calling it a ‘mass murder’ and ‘genocide of the Palestinian people.’”

“In an open letter to Israel’s ambassador to Hungary, Morvai, who heads the rightist Movement for a Better Hungary, wrote that Israel held itself ‘above the law.’ She expressed her belief that Israeli leaders will be imprisoned over their actions in Gaza.”

“Morvai added that she ‘rejoiced’ when she heard of Israeli casualties in Gaza. Addressing Israelis, the Hungarian politician lashed out, saying: ‘The only way to talk to people like you is by assuming the style of Hamas. I wish all of you lice-infested, dirty murderers will receive Hamas’ ‘kisses.'”

And, just in case you need all the trappings to convince you, Jobbik’s chief plans to wear his “Arrow Cross inspired” uniform on the first day of the Assembly.

“Gabor Vona, the head of Jobbik, also pledged “very distinct and very spectacular politics”. He said that he would wear the uniform of the Magyar Garda (Hungarian Guard), Jobbik’s banned uniformed wing, at the opening of Parliament. After a series of court cases the Garda has been declared illegal and police have arrested its members at public gatherings.”

Men dressed in similar uniforms were that last sight Hungarian Jews had before the doors of the boxcars taking them to Auschwitz closed, shutting out the light.

The head of the Weimar Republic, I mean the head of Hungary’s majority, center-right party, insisted that he would marginalize Jobbik and that there is no danger of the insignificant radical fringe taking over democratic, modern Hungary. I have heard that somewhere else before and, for some reason, I’m not reassured.

I would consider appeal to the 600,000 Hungarian Jewish Victims of the Holocaust grotesque sensationalism, were it not for the fact that one out of every five Hungarians just voted to put egregious Anti-Semites in charge of their country. There is no logical reason to hope that blaming Jews for the economic situation in 2009 will not have the same effect this rhetoric had only sixty-five years ago. What would the grandparents of today’s Jewish Hungarians exhort them to do? I believe they would warn:

From today’s perspective it is clear your fatal mistake would be that of not taking Jobbik seriously.

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