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Al Gore Runs From “The Factor”

Posted on April 13 2010 9:38 am
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Former Vice-President Al Gore has been more elusive then the “endangered” polar bear when it comes to answering difficult questions about global warming.  It’s not surprising, given Climategate, the recent growth of Arctic ice caps, cooling trends over the last ten years and other truly “inconvenient truths”  that have melted away the underpinnings of global warming alarmism.

Last night we were treated to the sight of Gore doing all he could to evade a producer of “The O’Reilly Factor” who wanted to invite him on the show and ask him a few questions.  Gore objected to what he called “ambush journalism.”

The only thing that ambushed Gore were the truth and his own cowardice in facing it.  He loves to lecture us with pompous declarations of doom unless we follow his economy-wrecking prescription, but he refuses to answer a few tough questions.

Gore’s evasion tactics are nothing new. Last December, for example, he refused several opportunities to address Climategate when asked about it at a UN-sponsored conference to which journalists were invited (no “ambush” this time). Journalist and film maker Phelim McAleer was prevented from doing his job when Gore’s press secretary grabbed McAleer’s microphone to stop the questions and a UN security official actually disconnected McAleer’s microphone.

Last November, at a book signing some folks trying to ask him questions he would rather not answer were escorted away by security after Gore indicated his displeasure.

After the book signing event, Gore rushed to his waiting Mercedes SUV – which invites the further question as to why this prophet of doom is driving around in a Mercedes SUV and living large in a mansion guzzling more than twice the electricity in one month than an average American family uses in an entire year. And consider the fact that he stands to profit big-time from government grants and energy policies he so enthusiastically pushes.

Add “hypocrite” to “coward,” and that just about sums up our former Vice-President.

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