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Twitter Today: ‘Fair Pay’ Tough to Swallow Unless You Are Andy Stern

Posted on April 12 2010 3:06 pm
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Under the best of circumstances it’s not easy to swallow the “guidance” from the leadership at the SEIU.  This is not the best of  circumstances.

Now the thugs, goons and sledgehammer swingers who provide the muscle for Service Employees International Union head Andy Stern have proven themselves even more tone deaf  than usual.

I was thinking earlier today about reports that your friendly neighborhood socialist SEIU prez earns a cool $300,000+ in annual compensation, the union EVP pocketing a quick $242,286, and  secretary-treasurer Anna Burger’s paltry salary of $252,724.  Not chump change by any stretch.  ‘Repping  “the working men & women” of America is a pretty lucrative gig!

Nary a peep nor tweep about those numbers of course, but no strangers to irony those union folk.  They instead tweeted:

Tell the NY Realty Advisory Board to support fair pay & benefits for NYC’s apt. building service workers: #unions

Turns out that the contract for 30,000 New Yorkers who work in the city’s apartment buildings is about to expire.  And the NYC building owners association has proposed horrid contract changes.  Horrid I say!  Draconian stuff like:

  • making them pay $100 a month for health insurance
  • reducing the number of paid sick days down to 5
  • reducing overtime

I don’t know how the building workers union could survive such horribly egregious reductions.  I mean for gosh sakes, it’s not like the rest of America is struggling.  Insert tongue in cheek here.

On the other hand, since the SEIU is all about supporting fair pay, the building owners may well consider themselves lucky.  Just ask Andy Stern about his idea of  fair pay.

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